Spiritual Teacher and Musician

My spiritual teachings are based on dissolving identification with the false mind made sense of self. I sometimes like to call it love-in-action.

A spiritual practice should lead us to a more fulfilling and rich experience of life as well as greater creativity and abundance.

I cannot say that i am saying anything new. But hopefully the way I say it and the energy behind the words will reach the Truth inside your heart. Read about my spiritual journey…



Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Teaching

I also use tarot and oracle cards to do intuitive readings. I find the cards to be a useful bridge for many people to find the wisdom within themselves. Along with this, I will be offering one-on-one coaching with a process I like to call “dynamic surrender.” This will be opening in the spring and will be available for anyone who’d like to develop more skill and understanding of surrendering to “what is.”

Click here for more info on intuitive readings.


I’ve been deeply involved with music as a form of self-expression since childhood. I call the music I create “chill rock for mystics and dreamers.” Listen and read about my songs here.