Independent Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist And “Spiritual” Dude


I’m a singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Toronto. I write songs about love and compassion.

Music is my first love. At the end of the day it always comes back to music.

It started with banging on piano and singing along with my mum at age 3. I started writing songs and playing in bands as a teenager.

Check out my songs in the Spotify player below. If you prefer, you can scroll further down the page to a Soundcloud player.

If you’re interested in licensing my songs or working with me, please email me at

I recorded and released a 5 song EP in spring 2015. It’s dedicated to my wife and soulmate Mary and is called “Hey, Mary Hey!”

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I also just released a brand new single called “Butterfly.” You can read about it and listen to it here.


Here’s What Some People Are Saying…


“Davidson, your music is so f*&%$ good — wow!!”

Sarah Redux, California

“WOw!!  I have listened to your CD so many times I think it won’t be
long before I wear it out.”

Sandra Isabelle, Florida

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