Davidson Yeager spiritual teacher and musician

Musician And Spiritual Teacher.

Spiritual Teacher:

I don’t really like to call myself a “spiritual teacher” because it sounds like I should be perfect or know everything. I’m definitely not a guru.

Spiritual teacher seems to be the best description. I used to say I’m a “mystic” — which I am in many ways — but too many people don’t know what that means! Spiritual teacher is straightforward.

I’ve taught over 10,000 private guitar lessons in my life – so I liken it to teaching and passing on what I’ve spent most of my life discovering and uncovering. Not much different from teaching guitar in that sense of it.

I firmly believe others (even the Great Ones) can point but we are the ones who have to make the journey. The pointers and maps can help big time, though!

As far back as I can remember I started wondering “Who am I?” “What am I?” Many awakenings and experiences. I began a lifelong study and application of what I learned.

I’m still learning and practicing. And I hope to pass along what I’ve learned (in many cases, the hard way!) to others. Most of what I write here comes to me in a blaze of inspiration, but it’s nothing new.

I’m not reinventing the wheel. I just get excited when I see things for myself. That’s when I’ll write it down.

The foundation of my path is that God is all there is. Everything is God and there is nowhere God is not. (You may use the words Divine Intelligence, The Universe, The Light, Satchitananda, The Absolute, Beingness, etc.)

The psychological “self” is false and limits our natural Self. The journey is ultimately about peeling off layers of this false conceptual self.

I owe a lot to many of the Teachers and teachers who came before me. Some of my favourite teachers are Ernest Holmes, J. Krishnamurti, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Lester Levenson, Emmett Fox, Eckhart Tolle and of course Jesus and the Buddha.

As well as my writings here, I sometimes give talks in my hometown of Toronto. I have some new ideas with all this, so stay tuned!


Music is my first love. At the end of the day it always comes back to music.

It started with banging on piano at 3. I started writing songs and playing in bands as a teenager.

As I said above, I’ve taught over 10,000 private guitar lessons in my career. It’s another avenue for me to inspire and teach people.

I recorded and released a 5 song EP in spring 2015. It’s dedicated to my wife and soulmate Mary and is called “Hey, Mary Hey!”

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I also just released a brand new single called “Butterfly.” You can read about it and listen to it here.


Here’s What Some People Are Saying…


“Davidson, your music is so f*&%$ good — wow!!”

Sarah Redux, California

“WOw!!  I have listened to your CD so many times I think it won’t be
long before I wear it out.”

Sandra Isabelle, Florida

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I’m Also A Yogi:

I’ve been practicing Yoga as a discipline since 2000. If you’re in Toronto, my wife and I offer ongoing classes. Email me for scheduling.

I’ve also been meditating daily since 1997. For me it’s a basic requirement to start my day on the right foot. Although these days it seems like Life itself is a meditation. And it is, of course.

I was born with a natural “spiritual vision” and this is the wellspring for all my readings, teachings and songs.

My main spiritual practice is letting go, letting God and being in the present moment.