About Davidson Yeager

I’m here to offer support for anyone looking for deeper meaning, answers and hope. Greater inner peace and less fear should be the result of your spiritual quest.

I facilitate proven techniques for getting rid of depression, addictions, anger issues, low self-confidence and letting go of the past.

I'm an expert with The Sedona Method (a contemporary technique based upon timeless truths to quickly cut through any noise of the mind) and am well established in Presence from my decades of spiritual practice.

I’m also a tarot expert/intuitive and use the cards to help you gain clarity and insight into your particular life situation.

And How Do I Know About This Stuff?

 I wasn’t always a spiritual teacher, of course. I learned about spirituality and how to apply it to my life because I had to. Otherwise, I don’t think I’d be here to talk about it. My first glimpses into infinity began a long time ago. Integration has been going on for decades. 

I didn’t want to be a spiritual teacher. But there was something that kept pulling me in this direction. I resisted. For one thing, I’d been a musician for most of my adult life. And I wanted to continue in that direction. My spiritual practice has mostly been doing my best to be present -- and to find the peace in every situation I face. But this  practice was for my own support and sanity. I never dreamed of sharing it with others.

Secondly, my mind raised doubts about my “status.” I have no “lineage” — nor am I an academic with a PhD. I haven’t even been to India! 

But PhD's and lineage do not make someone "enlightened" of course --  in fact worldly qualifications can often hinder  -- but we still want to see something tangible. Anyone can say this stuff. There certainly is no shortage of charlatans or fake gurus in this field! Ultimately it's up to you the spiritual seeker to discern the truth. 

Is something deep within you recognizing a truth in the words of the teacher? Or is it simply more mindstuff to keep you entertained and distracted? Only you can answer this.

And of course (certainly true in my experience), the best teacher/guru is Life Itself --both within you and all around you.

My Qualifications

So what qualifies me for this role? I’ve been naturally passionate about spiritual perspectives for as long as I can remember. My parents and family weren’t very religious in a formal sense. We went to church at Christmas and Easter. I was taught the Golden Rule and when I asked about God, my mother simply said He was everywhere and in everything. 

Early Awakening Experiences

I clearly remember at about age 15 wondering who was observing the “thinker” in my head. Who was “I” if I wasn’t the thinker? Who or what was observing? And this was the 1970’s. I’d never heard about this concept before. Not in my environment.

Then came the decades of actually grounding this spiritual awareness and applying it. Very challenging lessons! Many other shifts and glimpses into my true nature have occured along the way, of course. Currently, conscious awareness of Presence happens several times on most days. Usually in short bursts, but sometimes longer. And it's almost always there to a degree. I stay with it and go deeper whenever possible, and then I carry on.

I've Been There

I went through a LOT of stuff including being homeless as a teenaged runaway, living in poverty, alcohol and drug addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, having my dreams crushed and of course, having my heart broken several times in love.

Despite these apparent obstacles, I’ve now been effortlessly clean and sober since 1997, quit smoking cigarettes since 1999, graduated at the top of my class when I put myself through music school, got together with the love of my life (and lifetimes) in 2006, have a very high level of fitness for my age and a consistent passion and love for life. 

I'm Here To Pay It forward As Best I Can

I care deeply about this life. I really love people! I feel a deep compassion for my fellow humans in general. I’m not "God's gift" or anyone special! Perhaps this is because of all the trials and hardships I’ve endured in my own life. Whatever the reason, my calling is to share inspiration and the wisdom that have helped me get to this place of deeper understanding. 

Some Of My Influences And Early Teachers

Yes. I meditated a ton. I studied other teachers. My first influence was J. Krishnamurti at the age of 18. I was hooked! The next light that flashed was called “Handbook To Higher Consciousness” by Ken Keyes Jr. It was all about how we get in our own way. He gave techniques to help overcome this tendency. 

I came across The Power of Now in the late nineties and was again blown away. “This is what Krishnamurti was saying!” I said to myself. 

Finally, I came across something called The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin in 2005. It really put things together for me. It’s also the main “method without being a method” that I facilitate when working with clients. I’ve done thousands of hours and training working with myself with this incredible approach and am now very excited to be sharing it with others.

Of course, I’ve also read many books on Buddhism, Yoga and esoteric Christianity to help round out and deepen my understanding. 

Doing My Best To Walk The Talk

What matters is that a teacher walks their talk and gets out of the way. Then they can truly be a clear mirror that Spirit can work through.

Tarot And Divination

Along the way, I’ve been studying and using divination tools such as tarot, runes, i-ching, numerology and astrology. I’ve been reading tarot cards professionally since 2006. 

 To me, tarot is a tool that if used with discipline, can lift you to higher levels of being and expression in the world. An added bonus is that I just LOVE the artwork in the cards.

My Music

I've been deeply involved in music as a form of self expression since childhood. I call the music I create "chill rock for mystics and dreamers." There is a menu of some of my songs that you can listen to and read about here: Davidson's music.

Further Reading

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