About Davidson Yeager

about davidson yeager

This is my chance to let you understand the person behind this business. I’m a husband and homebody, musician, tarot and oracle card “nerd.”

I’ve always loved the big and deep questions about life. I’m also really into fitness. I was a pretty good athlete all the way through high school.

Through following my heart and pursuing my passion through thick and thin, I’m now living the dream.

This “About Me” is kind of long since I don’t hold much back. Let’s go!

About Me Personally

I’m a husband. I wasn’t always. For a long time I was searching for my soulmate. Mary is my inspiration and we are a team.

Being able to spend time together is a big part of what drives me. We’ve both been through a lot to get to where we are now. That’s probably why we appreciate our opportunity to give and receive love so much.

I’ve dedicated most of my life to music — and been writing songs since I was a teenager. A song I co-wrote with a bandmate while in high school actually won 1st place in a large local talent contest.

My mum is an excellent singer who accompanies herself on the piano. One of those female voices that just gives you goosebumps when you listen. And my grandfather played snare drum in a semi pro Scottish marching band.

Gramps taught me some basic drum rudiments, mum sang songs with me. Dad taught me sports — another story for another time 🙂

At age 7 I took the classical piano route and I excelled. I performed in recitals and music festivals regularly and won or placed 2nd in many of them. These signs in and of themselves don’t mean anything, of course.

To be an artist is something else. Something that shines through the craftsmanship and illuminates from within. I was just a kid — and was involved in a wide variety of activities.

To communicate something from my inner world — and to bridge that message with an audience is my intention. One I’ve been perfecting for many years now.

Always creative as a kid whether writing stories or creating artwork with many of the kits, pastels or paints laying around his house, I was also always aware of spiritual matters. Not so much dogma or concept, but a connection with something larger than myself.

Something formless yet present. I also experienced what seemed like vivid past life memories. Know what I’m saying’? I know you do.

Another prominent feature in my upbringing was my love of sports. Although I lettered in 3 sports in high school (basketball, track and cross country running),  I particularly loved ice hockey.

I excelled in the sport and dreamed of playing pro. I also played a lot of golf. My dad’s an excellent golfer.

At the age of 16 however, I began to come more to terms with my love of music and feeling like I had an important message. My “aha” moment came weeks after my 17th birthday at a training camp for a major Jr. “A” hockey team (equivalent of a top tier US college football or basketball team) when I was “cold cocked” by a guy who outweighed me by a shiz tonne.

Getting up from the ice, I realized I no longer wanted to play hockey.

Dad was a navigator and pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces. I was born in Winnipeg (how cool is that?). The family then moved to the UK where my dad was teaching up and coming pilots in the RAF.

This is where I started school. Coming back to Canada and the capital city of Ottawa 2 years later was both exciting and traumatic. I felt like I had to lose my British accent pronto! I started watching cowboy movies and mimicking the actors speech.

We stayed in Ottawa for 4 years and then moved to the small town of Trenton (one of Canada’s largest air force bases). It’s a 2 hour drive from “The Big Smoke” — Toronto. My father, by this time a major in the air force — was running Search and Rescue operations out of Trenton as well as a  lot of UN missions to various places around the world. He was rarely home.

At that time I was in junior high and then on to high school. And, because of starting school in the UK — along with prodigious reading abilities (dad taught me to read before I went to school), I was “skipped” ahead one year in school.

I loved to read and read a ton of books by the time I was 21. It was also a form of escape for me. Socially awkward, I was pretty good at hiding it. This was because my athletic abilities won me many friends and admirers. Few even knew I played piano or or stopped to think I was a year younger.

There’s one other ingredient. I was adopted as baby. Only a few months old. I remember nothing of it, of course. In my mind and heart, my parents ARE my parents. However, growing up with lots of cousins in the same age range made me feel painfully aware that I wasn’t “blood.”

All of these factors combined to make the “golden boy” rebel. Me and my dad were really butting heads by the time I was 16 and 17. Dad ( with good intentions at that time, of course) absolutely forbade me to pursue a career in music. I really wanted to go to University of Toronto and study piano and composition.

note: Of course, there’s the very famous quote that wisely states “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Think I’ll use that one as material for a new song!

The tension built. And when the family went to Mexico to visit my grandparents, I got an idea. Upon return to Canada, I took all my savings from summer jobs and ran away from home in the middle of a January snow storm.

I went to Toronto and then figured out a way to get to Mexico where my grandparents were. I was 17.

I had been teaching myself guitar, watching friends and bandmates play and was making very rapid progress. A piano was now out of the question! Not portable. Sure as hell couldn’t take one with me to Mexico!

I didn’t know how I was going to make music, but I simply kept playing my guitar and writing songs. I never returned home to live with my parents.

When I came back from Mexico several weeks later, I settled in Canada’s largest city — Toronto. I wasn’t that far ( 170 km) from home. And I was still on the same Lake Ontario shoreline. More adventures followed, but I’ll leave those details for another time — or a book.

note: Me and my parents have been on excellent and loving terms for many years now.

After settling in Toronto, I worked at all kinds of jobs to survive. A janitor, a short order cook, an apprentice in a printing shop. I decided to take some guitar lessons and my teacher told me I should consider a career as a musician.

I thought I’d have to go to the US to a music school like Berklee. My teacher — a Berklee grad — told me that Humber College (in Toronto) had the same information and high level teachers and instruction. And it would be much more cost effective.

I practiced like a mofo and auditioned against more than 150 other guitarists. There were only 25 spots available. I was accepted! I graduated 4 years later at the top of my class.

Since that time, I have:

  • Formed original bands and played in all of the top Toronto nightclubs many times over
  • Played in cover bands
  • Played solo jazz guitar at corporate events and private parties
  • Played at wedding ceremonies
  • Performed on TV and radio
  • Played many an open stage and coffeehouse
  • Started my own guitar teaching biz and taught over 10,000 private guitar lessons!
  • Built my own guitar teaching site
  • Built a Facebook page around teaching guitar with over 20,000 likes
  • Done session work both live and in the studio


Tarot, Divination and Intuition

I started studying astrology, tarot and numerology at the age of 17 and was taught how to meditate. These topics have been a constant thread in my life since I started trying to wrap my head around the concept of infinite (of course, it’s beyond conceptual thought!) at the age of 8.

Click here if you’d like to contact me about booking a reading, or click on the Contact tab at the top.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you still have questions, find me on Facebook or email me.


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