Can A Tarot Reading Really Help You?

Yes. And in this article, I’ll explain how. 

Tarot readings are like a map of what we can’t always see for ourselves. An experienced tarot reader will do their best to help you understand what choices are available to you. They will also outline the likely consequences of what those choices will be. But it’s still up to you to make the journey!

Creating your life can be compared to a chess game.  The best possible move to make at any given time is a result of any previous moves. In the same way, everything in your life is connected.  As soon as you make a certain move the potential outcome changes. 

When you’re stuck and you can’t seem to find a way forward, a map and GPS can get you headed toward your destination. A tarot reading can do the same thing when you feel lost or unsure in life. 

Can Tarot Readings Tell The Future?

Yes. That’s one of the main reasons people consult the cards. However, unlike with the  “fortune tellers” in Hollywood movies, the outcome is not carved in stone. Like I said above, the outcome is dependent to a greater or lesser degree upon any previous choices. In the east this is called the law of karma. In Christian mysticism this is known a the law of the farm. In other words, you reap what you sow.

Tarot readings are such a powerful tool because the cards show a likely outcome based upon where you are at the time of the reading.

The reading is like a Gestalt  or snapshot of the potential which is partially hidden at the time of the reading. This “gestalt” shows influences from the past as well as what’s happening in the present. This includes attitudes that are shown as being either helpful or unhelpful.  These helpful or opposing energies show the reader how the questioner can use their free will to influence and modify the potential outcome. To what degree they can change things depends upon many factors. 

What If I Don’t Like The Outcome? 

If you want to change your outcome, the cards might be asking you to let go of an attitude that is currently holding you back. A good tarot reader will explain ways that you can make these shifts in order to influence a better outcome.

Many times you can avoid the “potholes” that are warned about in the reading — if you adjust and align with the Tarot’s wisdom. 

And if you take the advice offered by the cards, you will be protected — even if you have to weather a storm. You’ll have the necessary rain and snow gear and any other support required to carry you through the experience. Remember, you are not separate from life Itself.  

Sometimes you’ll have more influence and sometimes you”ll have less. However, you ALWAYS have a choice with how you respond to the forces going on in your life. Yes, I know they’re relentless. But if we let go of resistance (another word for ego) we don’t waste nearly as much energy fighting what already is in play.

The more aligned you are with the Intelligence-Energy that animates you and gives life to this physical world, the safer you are — and the more true success, joy and wisdom can flow into your life. 

Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created for something new to emerge - Eckhart Tolle

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How Does Tarot Actually Work? 

That’s a great question. I mean, how can a bunch of random cards with pictures on them show us the best way to live our lives?

If you’re reading this, you probably know a little something about dreams and how they can project images from our subconscious minds.

The famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung is the one who pioneered this idea. He called it the “collective unconscious.” It’s basically a storehouse of universal images that we can all relate to. He called them archetypes. Some basic examples of universal archetypes would be Mother or Father. 

The images on the tarot are archetypal. Some grander images that deal with the larger issues of life — and some smaller ones that picture your day to day concerns.

There are 78 cards in all. 22 cards make up what’s called the major arcana. These are the major themes and lessons of life and destiny. 56 cards make up the minor arcana. These are the cards that show us daily life and issues.

There’s much more to it than this, of course, but that’s a basic overview of Tarot’s structure. 

Yes, But How Does It Work?

You’ve probably heard of body, mind and spirit. In Christianity there’s the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. In some pagan traditions there’s the Maiden, Mother and Crone. 

There are many other ways throughout various cultures that this idea of a Trinity is expressed. Another one that I’ll use here is subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds. 

Note: Ultimately it’s all one mind, one Beingness. We’re just using language to break things down for intellectual understanding.

The subconscious mind is essentially the parts of our mind we aren’t looking at — or haven’t looked at. It’s also responsible for our autopilot abilities and learned behaviours. For example, we can walk and talk without having to think about it. 

Our conscious mind is the part of our minds that we most identify with. It’s basically where our attention is placed at any given moment. What we are currently aware of. We only have a certain amount of “attentional bandwidth” available at any given time.

It’s also where the image of “me” — who we think we are — arises. This “me” is an unconscious process for most — unless you meditate or do some work on yourself. It acts as a filter on our attention. Of course, our conscious attention is only a ridiculously small fraction of the entirety of our Being, but that’s another story. 

Superconscious is the term describing the Formless essence of life. It is Infinite Energy and Intelligence. It has no beginning or end and is beyond the human mind’s ability to conceptualize. This is because any label or concept we place on It can only point to It. It simply IS.

Other words for superconsciousness are God, Higher Self, Divine, The Tao, etc.

I am not the perishable body, but the eternal Self- Ramana Maharshi

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The Tarot Creates A Link Between the Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious Minds.

Even though ultimately there is no separation, we cannot always be in such a peak state of consciousness/perception. This is one of the reasons that Tarot is such a powerful tool! 

It supports us in getting a bird’s eye view of things, thereby expanding and raising our consciousness.

Another way of explaining how tarot works is that no-thing is separate and independent in and of itself. Every human, animal or inanimate object is existing within a field of infinite potential.

This formless “Field” contains infinite possibility within it. You could think of It as the womb of creation. The Great Mother. 

In modern quantum science, this mysterious phenomenon is known as the particle (infinite portential) state. Once particles are observed by an observer (ie. you), they morph into wave (form) state. In other words, the unlimited potential manifests as a limited form.

Tarot is telling the reader what the questioner is likely going to manifest once the particles are “observed.”

Ok, I Get It. But How Accurate Is Tarot?

Tarot is incredibly accurate -- however, it should be understood that it's not 100%. It's not meant to be a dogmatic and rigid system to follow. It's designed to show us where we might get into trouble and what possible beneficial opportunities we can reach for. The cards also show us the likely outcome should all things stay the same.

Tarot Readings Are A Two Way Street

The effectiveness also depends on the awareness and experience of the reader as well as the participation of you -- the person getting the reading. 

When I read a client, I prefer them to not say anything until I begin to ask them questions because I don't want any preconceived ideas. 

I then begin to ask questions once I have an overview of the energies in order to open things up and go deeper. For example a King of Swords card may turn up. In my system of reading this card is a man who is fair minded and logical -- perhaps even associated with law in some way. He knows how to cut off from his emotions and use his analytical powers when he needs to. 

So I would ask my client "who is this person? Do you know them?" And if this King of Swords appeared more in the future part of the timeline, I would let them know that this person was going to enter and how they might be an influence in some way. There's much more to it than that -- but this is an example of how the reading is a participatory experience.

A good tarot reading is certainly and definitely as accurate as astrology or numerology. Perhaps even more so because it can be specifically tailored to the details of your situation.

Sidenote: I love astrology. It’s another very useful tool. For me, it’s more like the weather report of the larger patterns and forces going on in your life. 

Keeping A Tarot Notebook

It can be very useful to keep notes. Write down your thoughts and insights about your reading. What were the main points that jumped out at you? If you can, ask the reader if they can give you a recording.

Don’t listen to the recording more than a couple of times after the reading, though. Just enough to be sure that you’ve got the gist of it.

Then jot down some points in a notebook. 

Come back in a few weeks or months and review. Listen to the recording. How have things unfolded in your actual experience? How does it connect to the reading for you now?

Doing this can be an incredibly powerful means of growth and transformation. Plus you’ll probably be blown away by the accuracy!

And if you ever learn to read cards, I strongly recommend keeping a journal of any readings you do for yourself.

So, What Does The Future Have In Store? 

We all want to know what the future has in store for us! Especially in the areas of love and relationship, business and career, wealth and prosperity, health and wellness.

Tarot will give you enough information to support you in your wanting to know, “is that path worth investing the time and effort? Am I on the right track to reach my goals? Are my goals even aligned with who I really am right now? Is this relationship really over?” etc.

Sometimes in life we reach a fork in the road and we need to make a choice. And our lists of pros and cons just don’t cut it.

We may have hit a brick wall and we’re wondering how to approach the situation in order to create the best results. We may feel like we’ve somehow lost direction. Or there’s a situation playing out in our life that is shaking things up at the foundations.

Wanting some insight into these types of scenarios is completely normal and healthy.

Caution: There are no guarantees, of course. As I said at the top of this article, you still have to make the journey. But now you can see the terrain for what it really is — as opposed to the distorted view we all have with our personal goggles of “stuff” and biases.

Note: One of the biggest obstacles to creating a more abundant and prosperous future is our past. Our minds are very heavily conditioned by the past and it can be challenging to believe that we are able to create something new and different. 

Tarot shows us the changing and impermanent nature of Life. The flow of various energies and situations. We begin to understand impermanence in an experiential way — and we don’t identify with it as much. We naturally begin to identify more with our witnessing and unchanging Presence. This leads to more courage and wisdom — the essence of the Serenity Prayer.

Another Way of Saying The Same Things…

A tarot reading is a picture story of what’s going on in your life situations both on the surface AND in the deeper, hidden recesses of your soul/psyche. Not only that, but Tarot shows any wisdom being communicated from your Higher Self.

The tarot cards essentially represent the universal and mythical archetypes shaping our lives.

They often show how the past is influencing your present, and what the most likely outcome will be if you continue with the same actions and patterns.

The reading will often also suggest any changes in attitudes or behaviour that will lead to a more beneficial outcome.

When someone is truly experienced with tarot, the images on the cards will trigger intuitive responses. These responses can even be beyond any traditional meanings that the cards might have.

This is because the tarot cards also influence and combine with each other in various ways, depending upon where they are placed in a spread. This is very important and something inexperienced readers will often miss.

How Often Should You Get A Reading?

In most cases, by the time someone decides to get a reading, the pressure with a certain issue has reached a high point.

However, there are some people who come once, twice or three times each year for a “check-in” kind of reading. And they will do this for many years. 

Other people only need one reading while facing a crisis — and still others will require several readings until their crisis passes. It all depends.

A word of caution. If you get too many readings too close together with the same issue, the answer will start to get muddled. This also goes for the people who go from one reader to the next with the same issue. Please don’t do this — you are only tangling yourself up in a sticky web of confusion! It’s usually a good idea to give a little space to allow things to unfold before getting another reading.

Tarot Readings, Blindspots and Denial

Most readings contain at least some information about changing a pattern or belief that you’re holding onto knowingly or unknowingly. This is with your highest good in mind.

When you are able to let go of a certain pattern (or attach to a healthier pattern), things will start to get better. HOWEVER, these outmoded patterns always seem to have a built-in defense mechanism.

We all want to drive on both sides of the road.

We don’t want to give up a limiting habit or pattern (even though it no longer serves) in order to get what will actually make us happier and more abundant.

Another term for this is denial. Eckhart Tolle calls it the pain body.  This is why we often need to suffer pain or loss before we’re motivated to look deeper. Some (like myself many many moons ago) have to hit a rock bottom before coming out of denial.

Life’s not always about shifting, though! Tarot readings can also give us a feeling of security when we’re worried. The cards can show us everything is working out and we ARE on track.

What Makes A Good Tarot Reader?

This is a bit of a sore point with me as there are now many readers online who aren’t very experienced — and some who are actually even unethical. I realize we all have to start somewhere — and some people are fairly intuitive. But that’s the easy part! 

It can be hard to discern which readers are the real deal. A good reading should leave you feeling empowered, uplifted and perhaps even wiser. Not in a “rah rah” Success Guru kind of way — but having a calm acceptance of things (including yourself) as they really are. You should also have a more solid understanding of your own courage and capability to face any challenges. 

Some kind of plan or strategy with how you will be moving forward.

A good reader will have a deep experiential knowledge and intuitive understanding of what the cards are saying in the reading. They’ll also be able to skillfully communicate with you in order to help you break through any denial or blockages you may have.

This must be done in a kind, gentle and non-judgemental manner. Yet firm enough to make an impression on you so that a shift can occur.

You are the one who has to make the change, though. You can’t change if you aren’t willing to change. And a good reader will never insist upon you changing if you’re not ready.

They will probably suggest that you take a look at whatever is holding you back — but the decision is always up to you.

Once a shift happens within you, you’ll start to see it reflected around you in your life.

At the very least, a good reader would NEVER promise you that they can get you together with your twinflame or remove a curse. To each their own — and if that’s what you want and believe, then I wish you the best. But please consider taking more responsibility for your life and do the work.

Nothing Is Carved In Stone

The future is being created by you right now! This is the part that should excite you about getting a tarot reading!

The reading is pointing out to you how you can move forward right NOW, in order to create your best future.

The NOW moment is where the future is created. Where else could it be created?

Yes, the past has some momentum. But if you are serious, you can decide to change your life.

Depending how deep the ruts and grooves are, it can be a bit like turning a large ship around — but it is entirely possible. Countless are the numbers of people who have done so throughout human history. And I am definitely one of them — which is why I’m passionate about powerful tools that can help us shift and heal.

This is not magic. At least not the Harry Potter kind. But it IS magic. Real magic. The kind that can bend your reality to go in a different direction.

Tarot Cards And The Law of Attraction

This could be an article in itself. And it probably will be at some point.

A tarot card reading is meant to leave you feeling empowered about your ability to create a more desirable future.

In my own experience with tarot and my own life, sometimes the future turns out in a wonderful way — but it wasn’t what I thought I (my ego) wanted at the time.

But just as we work on Life in order to create our best outcomes, Life works on us in order to change us in ways that actually serve our highest good.

In Summary

Tarot readings can empower you to chart your course in a way that results in the best possible outcome for your future. It will help you gain insights into situations and to realize your ability to create the future. Which of course, is actually only NOW.

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