Love Song For Eternal Soul Mates — “Hey Mary Hey”

One of my favourite songs on my new CD is a love song for eternal soul mates. It’s called “Hey Mary Hey” and is the title song from the album.

The inspiration for it came from my wife Mary. Actually, it came about because I wanted to tell the story of how we met and fell in love.

Some people say it has a really cool retro 70’s flavour along with a West Coast vibe. I certainly didn’t set out to write a song with that vibe — I simply sat down with my spanish guitar one day and started getting some cool musical ideas.

As the musical ideas developed, I realized I wanted to come up with some equally captivating lyrics.

I had the sudden thought that it’d be great to share the story of how Mary and I met. I wanted to inspire people with the message of true love and eternal soul mates. Especially in this day and age where so many couples end up on the rocks because of egos clashing.

Rather than write about the tangible day to day details of how we met, I decided to make it about my subjective and soulful experience. It really was (and is) quite a magical and mystical experience for me.

Before Meeting My Eternal Soulmate (Mary)

After having had a couple of long term relationships and done plenty of dating in my past, I had decided to step back from everything in the relationship arena for a while.

sidenote: This ended up being about a 6 year period.

I resolved to myself that I was going to stay single and happy until/unless I met the person who truly qualified as my eternal soulmate.

I also really purified my lifestyle at this point. I dropped drinking and smoking, started eating much healthier food, doing yoga daily — and I also began a daily meditation practice.

sidenote: Many years later, I still live by this protocol although it’s morphed and changed a little. I still don’t drink or smoke,  I continue to make healthy food choices, but I now do more vigorous forms of exercise such as weights and Zumba. And I still meditate daily — although it’s now mostly about letting go of negativity when it arises.

Yeah. A Song About Eternal Soulmates.

Along with all this I was of course working on my music daily. I also went to bookstores, coffeeshops and movies somewhat regularly. Just to get me out of my usual “monk like” routine.

I was open to meeting women — I knew if I wanted to meet my eternal soulmate I would have to put myself “out there” — but I wasn’t attached or fixated on anyone in particular.

I now seemed to have a great radar system that I could trust. I chalked it up to experience plus my new lifestyle. I would simply chat, perhaps flirt a bit, and know somehow that was all that was necessary. In the past I would have been more in my head about it.

Being in my head, I probably would’ve followed through on getting dates, etc. Even though in my intuitive knowingness I was aware that they weren’t the person for me. When you’re in your head how can you hear your intuition?

In some cases I actually did go on dates — but with no expectations. And the dates? Awkward or not much fun.

By the way, I was also affirming daily that my eternal soulmate existed and was in my life. Then I simply trusted, let go and went about my day.

I could feel Mary’s presence even though I didn’t yet know who or where she was. I simply knew. I didn’t know how long it would take, but I trusted. I was in this 100%. I knew she existed because I existed. It was a powerful and uncanny experience to say the least. The opposite of mundane.

Psychic Readings And Synchronicity

At this time I was teaching guitar and piano for my bread and butter. I didn’t have a studio back then, so I used to travel to my students’ homes.

One of the mothers of a student of mine was a fairly renowned psychic in the area. She offered to pay for some of her son’s lessons with a ‘trade” of a lesson for a reading. Since she was a single mother, I thought it would make it easier for her.

Besides, I thought it might be pretty cool. And I definitely had some questions! It’s sometimes tricky doing readings for yourself.

She described Mary to the tee. Her situation, her appearance, that she lived right in my neighbourhood, some of the challenges that we would face when we first got together.

I thought, “Sounds good. Hmm…I wonder if it’s true?’

These kinds of messages came through 2 or 3 readings. Whenever I would see my psychic friend on the street she would ask me “Have you met your mystery woman yet?”

I’d reply that I hadn’t. And I’d also wonder and sense fleeting doubts — because these readings happened over a 2 year period. That’s a long enough time for you to start doubting your intuitive feelings and start listening to the (negative) voices in your head again! Luckily I had my meditation and fitness tools to support with warding off the negativity and to keep me on track 🙂

I figured my eternal soulmate was still in my life energetically speaking — but that the reading from my friend wasn’t accurate.

Along Came Mary!

Back in those days — being a bachelor — I used to devote my Sundays to watching NFL football and golf on TV. It was my way of both relaxing and being inspired by excellence. Tiger Woods was in his prime, and it was amazing to watch his miraculous golf shots.

I would go to the local butcher and get some organic free range Turkey breast and make myself a sandwich to watch my sports with.

One day I ended up standing behind a woman in line. I recognized her from the neighbourhood New Age bookstore where I used to hang out and do Yoga classes a few years prior.

I struck up a brief conversation with her, and we parted ways. Although I did briefly wonder why I felt such a strong “buzzing” in my energy field.

I went home and watched sports and forgot about it.

This was in the autumn. Later that winter, actually between Christmas and New Year’s, I was in the local Health Food store getting a few supplies. And guess who was there shopping? The same woman! From now on, I’ll refer to her as Mary 🙂

She was having a conversation with the owners wife. I overheard a bit of the conversation where they were mentioning New Moons.

Since I regularly chatted with the owner and his wife, I spontaneously jumped in with my own comment about how I liked to start new things with the cycles of the moon.

I don’t recall exactly what we talked about after that, but Mary tells me that as soon as I mentioned my awareness of the moon cycles, something inside of her really perked up. She felt a strong internal shift or click.

It just so happens that I was moving on New Year’s Day to a new and exciting place. I told Mary how excited I was about the move. I also found that out she was (still is) a Reiki Master and crystal healer as well as being a psychic.

We discussed things for a while, and I said I’d love to come in for a Reiki session. I told her it sounded just like what I needed at the time. A great way to start off the New Year.

Now, at this point, I didn’t realize I was attracted to Mary in “that way.” I just knew I felt drawn to go see her for Reiki. It felt good and it felt right.

I’m stuck at this point in the story because things get pretty personal. Suffice it to say that we hooked up. We had some rough obstacles in the beginning. A lot was due to our families different cultures as well as some other things that are too personal for me to feel comfy with sharing here.

But we overcame them together 🙂 And 9 years later (or more, depending on when you’re reading this) I love her more than ever!

Sidenote: If you’re a skeptic on all of this “woo-woo” stuff, that’s fine. I can operate just fine out of the rational thinking part of my mind too.

But if you’re like me, and your inner vision is awake, you know beyond words that there is a silent, formless Divine Presence behind Life. Consciousness didn’t arise from space dust that randomly appeared out of nowhere — rather awareness and light (presence) give life to and shape matter.

Don’t believe my words. Simply take it into consideration. Next time you’re in nature, notice the energy of the plants or stars or the sky. And just consider. Don’t think. Feel your way into it.

Do You Have A Soulmate — Or Dream Of One?

I’ve been told by Mary that there are different schools of thought as far as the terminology goes. Some of the terms in this field are: soulmate, twin flames, eternal soulmate, karmic soulmate. And everyone seems to have different opinions on how to define the different categories.

For me the terminology doesn’t really matter. I only know that Mary is the most accurate reflection of Love I have ever experienced in this world. I am simply grateful and amazed everyday by her loving presence in my life. I must have some really great karma!

What are your thoughts on soul mates? Have you met yours? Do you dream of meeting yours? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. And if you like this story, please share it with your friends.

“Hey Mary Hey” Lyrics

© Davidson Yeager 2015

Once upon a time in my biography

Soulmates were like the lottery

Seemed like love had a secret key

Winning the jackpot was not for me

I wasn’t bitter and I still had hope

I saw some signs upon that foggy road

Somethin’ round the bend I couldn’t quite perceive

And Your face was veiled in my dreams

You smoke signalled me

Only my 3rd eye could see

You were waiting for me to come

and knock upon your door

You stood there shining like the morning sun

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

All those seasons on my own

I was only halfway grown

This love has made me realize

Soulmates travel through many lives

You flew in on your wings of gold

You prove positivity can never grow old yeah!

You are always shining like the morning sun!

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

You don’t even have to try

Let me rock you with a lullaby

Songs that only we can hear

Conquer all our earthly fears

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey

I could never do you any wrong

Hey Mary Hey

I could never keep you waiting long

Hey Mary Hey => You don’t even have to try ‘cos I love you.

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CBC Radio And My Music


If you’ve been following my story for a little while, you may remember that one of the main catalysts that propelled me onto my current path (with a brand new CD) was CBC Radio. (For any international readers, CBC is the Canadian version of the BBC in the UK).

At that time, (I thought) I was content to simply write and record my songs with the intention of eventually licensing them to film and television.
My wife Mary had been playing some of my songs in her Zumba class — and the response was terrific.

After several enthusiastic people from her class suggested CBC to me, I finally got the message. That’s how the cards laid out to inspire me to reach out to CBC.

Back in the late fall of 2014, I got in touch with the head of the CBC Music Resources Office, Mark Rheaume. Mark got back to me. He is such a genuine and cool guy. He always got back to me straight away — and with helpful and clear information. A very supportive and great contact for me in the music industry.

He’d listened to a couple of my tracks and he told me that they would definitely fit with many of the shows carried by the CBC. However, he also suggested I have an album — or at least an EP — this way, my story would be a little more compelling for the people who had the shows.

So I thought, “Why not? Ok— I guess I’m making a CD.”

This of course led to an impromptu fundraiser  and my EP of 5 songs is now complete. It’s available in my store as a physical CD with cool artwork or on i-tunes.

Update: CBC Radio and My Music

Mark got back to me recently regarding the status of my music. It’s now officially uploaded into the CBC music library. Woo-hoo! Step one accomplished.

Mark also gave me the contact info for all the relevant CBC radio shows in the country who can possibly use my style of music. He suggested I contact the shows in Toronto and encourage them to play my music. The shows also need to play Canadian artists —  that can definitely help my cause.

I will keep you posted as I move forward with that!

Another cool thing is that if I ever broaden my base of operations beyond Toronto and play other towns and cities, I will have the contact info for the producers of the radio shows in those towns!

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New Year Release

This New Year release is a story of letting go. It’s not a new recording — yet! In order to complete my upcoming album, I first need to create more space.

For the New Year, I’m letting go of what no longer serves me. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s more difficult.

I had a different New Year’s blog post in mind. I envisioned myself dusting and vacuuming, straightening and clearing my studio. Writing about it and taking some photos.

Instead, I just cancelled my guitar lessons website. I won’t bother linking to it in this post as it’ll probably be non existent by the time you read this. In essence it was called Free Guitar Lessons Online — and it was my very first website.

I started building it in March 2009. It was intended as a way to make people aware of my music — but somehow it became it’s own thing.

For almost 4 years, I dove deep into a “system” about learning about the internet. SEO, keywords, how to write better headlines, optimize videos, create a newsletter list, etc.

The site was based entirely on guitar lessons. Mostly with video and written content. Back then the way to earn money on the internet was via Google ads.

People would bid to have their ads placed alongside relevant content. I was a content provider who was able to attract a good amount of traffic.

And even though my first intention was to use the guitar lessons to raise people’s awareness about my music, this soon became obscured by my new plan…


My Dream of Passive Income

I would create enough content to provide a steady stream of “passive income” via ads on my site. This would free me up to spend more time recording my music.

The Universe — and the Intelligent order of things — had other plans! Just as my site started to cross the threshold of attracting enough organic traffic via Google to make some decent money from the ads, Google began a drastic restructuring of it’s algorithms.

Most smaller sites got “hit” — even though Google’s intention was to eliminate the “bad guys” who had been gaming the system for a few years.

Even though my site played by the rules, it was hit pretty hard. I was “screwed” — at least with making enough passive income through ads.

I still had enough traffic to make money — but I would need to develop a suite of guitar lesson products and learn how to sell them.

I felt really down at the time — I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t feel the creative drive to develop these products and sell them, but I didn’t know what else to do.

As time went on, I started to pay less and less attention to my guitar lessons website — although I tried a few other strategies just to be sure. I even managed to build a Facebook page on guitar lessons that has over 20k likes. It still gets many likes and views and I stopped touching it several months ago.

Meanwhile, I continued to teach my private students here in my studio and work on my songs and my music. However, that was only on the surface…


Getting Honest With Myself

I started getting more in touch with myself about certain core issues. I get up early most mornings and actively meditate, journal and reflect. I used this time to ask myself what I really want out of life.

I began to realize that I had been playing it safe. That the guitar lessons site was a substitute for what I really wanted to do — create and perform my songs for people!

I had to dig deep to get past blocks in my mind that came up with all kinds of reasons and beliefs to discourage me from following my heart.

I’m still working with these old belief systems while I continue to take action everyday in the direction of my true desires.

I have come to feel deeply that I am co creating with the Universe — and that by staying true to myself, the light of the Universe is able to shine more brightly into this world.

By healing these limitations within myself, I’m helping to heal the planet. It’s not just about me. It’s about humanity.

Do you have any limitations holding you back? If so, it’s ok. If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here experiencing life in a physical body!

I’m not here to tell you what to do about it. Just please don’t use any of this as a stick to beat yourself up with! We are all in this healing process together 🙂

New Year Release

I’m telling my story as a way to inspire you. If I can do it, so can you type of thing.

This New Year, look around and see if there is anything that no longer serves you. Then see if you’re ready to let go of it.

Start with small things. Material goods and items (I just let go of a winter jacket I’ve had for almost 10 years. How did I manage to create sentiment around such an item? I had it on when I  “hooked up” with my wife Mary. Lol.)

Work your way up slowly. Very slowly if you’re new to this type of thing. Baby steps are all that’s necessary. Be gentle with yourself, but lean into it.

Wishing you all the best for this New Year of 2015!

Crowdfunding My Album

Davidson Yeager's Les Paul
Dave’s trusty Les Paul.


Crowdfunding my album is working!

I’m releasing an album (EP of 5 or 6 songs) in March 2015.
Now as I find myself in the midst of  the crowdfunding process, I pause to reflect on how I got here.

3 weeks ago I didn’t have any plans of making an album. Perhaps in the hazy distant future, but not now.

So how did is it that I am suddenly “making an album” and finding myself in the midst of crowdfunding campaigns and promotion?


Withdrawal From The “Music Scene”

In the past I had been “on the scene” in various guises. Both as a cofounder of a rock band playing the top clubs in Toronto and as a solo singer/songwriter when the internet was just becoming a part of people’s lives.

Due to various circumstances at the time, I found myself withdrawing from the music scene. I decided to focus on my inner development, my musicianship and writing, as well as my grass roots guitar teaching business.

After 5 years of this, I met my wife Mary. Now, after 8 years focusing on those things within our marriage, I find myself being inspired to again bring my music to the world.

This time it feels different. This time I have Mary’s support — along with many in her Zumba community. She plays my songs in the cool downs after class and my songs have grown on many of the participants. This is also what directly led to me crowdfunding my album.

It’s given me the confidence I needed to pursue what for me has been a lifelong dream. I would even say that other than knowing my own true nature, it’s my dharma — my calling. Even during those years when I withdrew from the music scene, I actively pursued my dream everyday.

I practiced my craft everyday. Very rarely do I miss a day of practice. Whether it’s guitar, keeping my voice in shape or songwriting.

Something else happened in the past couple of years that also gave me a confidence boost. Now, when I say confidence I don’t mean I’m some “mousy” character. It takes a lot of guts to stick to this. Especially in my case where I just couldn’t seem to gain any traction in the “music business.” No matter how good I or others thought I was, how hard I worked or how many sacrifices I made, I just didn’t seem to be able to put the necessary ingredients together at the right time.

As a matter of fact, I have entertained the thought of walking away from it all many times. But it never pans out because I know in my heart I’m not being honest with myself. I’m just trying to escape the pain. But that’s all part of the learning curve when it comes to the art of being human.


Becoming My Own Producer/Engineer

A few years ago, I’d taken to studying and practicing the art of audio engineering. Since I’d never achieved the results I wanted in commercial studios in the past, intuitively I felt that having a deep knowledge of production was a key for me.

And I was right. After about 5 years of working on my own recording projects, I took an online course on home recording for the independent musician.

I loved it so much that I spontaneously emailed the author — Gary Gray — in order to thank him for his amazing contribution to my life.

To my surprise he emailed me back and asked to hear some of my work. He loved what I was doing and offered to mentor me.

So I began working on songs according to Gary’s protocol. I would send him my results and he would give me suggestions on what I could do to improve my mix.

When my mix was finally ready, I would retain Gary’s world class skills to master the song. Mastering is a complex engineering procedure which essentially takes the song and makes it “broadcast quality.” This means it will sound good across any sound system and the production quality will sound comparable to major label releases.

Sidenote: At that time my main goal with my songs was to have them at a good enough production quality to be licensed for film and television. I’ve actually managed to succeed with this twice so far. One contract with a prominent LA firm I ripped up — as it turned out they wanted too much. They didn’t even want me to sell my songs on i-tunes for example. They asked for me to give up a lot — to possibly have a song in a reality show or soap. Forget it! And my other (still ongoing) contract is with a film that is pending. The producers are also getting financing together. It’s a major Hollywood film that I hope sees the light of day. My song will be in it. In that situation the deal is non exclusive. Very artist friendly.


CBC Radio?

Over the past 18 months or so I’ve managed to complete 3 songs with Gary’s guidance. You can stream 2 of them here and the 3rd one is available as a free song download if you sign up for my newsletter.

The next catalyst to alter my situation was that I got in touch with CBC radio. The head of the music library there is a really cool guy — and we talked a bit on the phone. He had listened to 2 of my songs and really thought they would do well on CBC.

However, he also suggested that I need to release an EP (short album) or album in order to give them a “story” to frame things for radio.

This discussion occurred about 4 weeks ago. So here I am — in the midst of crowdfunding my album!

Mary and I are learning as we go. We immediately booked a local church for a fundraiser. It’s on Friday, Dec. 12 at 7:15pm at Kingston Rd. United Church (975 Kingston Rd.)

The event starts with a 45 minute Zumba class led by Mary. If you don’t already know, Zumba is a kick ass dance fitness class peppered with latin and world beat dance music. It’s so much fun! And an incredible workout. Muscles worked from head to toe, core, cardio, timing, balance, coordination and endorphins out the roof 🙂 Very very cool music.

After that I’ll be performing a mini concert for 25 minutes or so. There will also be light snacks available and some fun and inexpensive “stocking stuffers” donated by our friend Audrey. Everything from slippers to cookie jars, etc.

All the proceeds will go toward the funding of my album due out in March 2015. The ultimate goal is $2000 which means we may be crowd funding as an ongoing process. However, any money we raise will help!

Some of the costs incurred in the creation of my album are some of the engineering and mastering, a session drummer, CD manufacturing and artwork along with a video for one of the songs.

Since I’m doing the bulk of the leg work myself we’re able to keep the costs quite low. Probably less than half of what most artists starting out pay production companies to do for them.

And yes — I feel as if I’m starting out! I feel that this is the first real opportunity I’ve had to really be heard. To be myself. And to pull together the necessary resources.

It seems all the club dates, CD’s, commercial gigs, open mics, studio work and teaching guitar lessons, etc. in the past were simply a very long and self financed artist development. I’m ready to bring my Soul to this world!


Final Thoughts On Crowdfunding My Album

Crowdfunding my album will probably end up being an ongoing process. Mary and I put this local event together in a very short time. Everyone there knows who I am. As I move forward with the album I may utilize online resources for crowdfunding. I feel like the skills and the confidence I’ve developed from putting this event together will really be helpful with the online crowdfunding tools. It will be challenging in a different way because nobody really knows who I am. But because of this event — and all the legwork I did on my own prior to this event — I’ll have a cool and interesting story for people to get excited about. Stay tuned!