I’ve got a new song named “WonderWoman.” 

It’s the most rocking song on the album — definitely not for Zumba this time 😉  More of a driving your car kind of song. I literally have a TON of important musical influences — but this song is probably due to early David Bowie along with my bluesy side. I listened to a lot of Bowie at one point during my late teens.

I wanted to have a few different flavours on the album — but still my brand. I think I managed to do it.

Click here for a brief video clip of me laying down some guitar tracks on Wonderwoman.

Here’s a screenshot of my mixing board for WonderWoman.

Wonderwoman by Davidson Yeager
Davidson Mixing Wonderwoman

The drums are being recorded and mixed in Los Angeles by my co producer Gary Gray as I write this. Kristen Rose is on drums again. If you’re reading this after mid April 2015 or so, you’ll be able to sample my new song WonderWoman right here on the homepage 🙂

Thanks for sticking around!

How Songs Happen

Where does a song come from? How does it come to be? Well, I don’t know for sure how songs happen so I’m not gonna try. There are plenty of books explaining the technical side of things.

I am going to relate a cool story about my most recent song, though…

I had a seed of an idea for a song over Christmas holidays.

So I fired up my recording gear and laid down some basic tracks.

Rhythm guitar with a drum loop and some vocals.

After having some fun jamming, I promptly went on with whatever other things I had going on that day.

Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Soon after — perhaps even that same evening — while brushing my teeth before bed of course — I had a melodic motif pop into my head. The words were “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

This became the title and hook of the song. People tell me they can’t stop singing it! An idea that popped into my head from the nonlinear quantum “womb” fully formed. All I had to do was nurture it along until it grew, cut the umbilical cord and send it out into the world.

Over the next several weeks I spent up to about 80 hours (perhaps more) refining the idea and my musical arrangement.

When I had what I thought was a pretty decent mix, I sent it to my man Gary Gray in LA. He got back to me with some constructive criticism. Not always easy to accept at face value — but it can be helpful to have outside opinions.

At times, Gary challenges me to dig even more out of myself than I thought possible.

He said it was reminiscent of the soul music from Philly and Motown in the 70’s.

Over the next few days as I proceeded to make some of the changes and tweaks he had suggested, I pondered where indeed had the song come from.

It hit me the other day. Brushing my teeth… after breakfast this time 🙂

Black Magic Woman By Fleetwood Mac?

The other influences were “Black Magic Woman” by Fleetwood Mac. Yep. Some cool trivia for you. I absolutely love Peter Green’s guitar playing and songwriting!

I also love the later version by Santana with the latin vibe. I researched and found out that the intro to Santana’s version was featured on a song called “Gypsy Queen” by an artist named Gabor Szabo.

Very cool! There just so happens to be a character in my song who is a Gypsy Crone. You’ll hear it in the song when you listen 🙂

Some other influences became apparent to me as well. As a guitar nerd, I’ve studied many masters over the years.

There’s definitely some “soul jazz” flavour on this song. Guitar masters like Kenny Burrell, Grant Green, etc. come to mind.

Note: from this point on I’ll simply refer to it as NVNG (Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained)

The song itself is based on a 12 bar minor blues structure — guys like Albert King with his great song “As The Years Go Passing By” is an example.

There’s one more important musical influence. I have a strong connection to the Roma culture through family. And I love their music. So I put a few touches of gypsy flavoured notes in the song. You can hear it mostly in the intro, the guitar solo and the outro.

Besides the gypsy character in the lyrics, there is a definite philosophy being addressed in the storyline.

It essentially suggests to open to receive inspiration, and then take action on that inspiration without being attached to the results.

In the east this is outlined in texts such as the Bagavad Gita, and is also quite apparent in the teachings of Jesus.

Here in the west, some call it the Law of the Farm.

Wow! It’s really cool to analyze one of my songs like that. I never would’ve consciously realized a lot of these points had Gary not mentioned to me about the Philly soul vibe.

I was conscious of a few of the points of course — I ain’t just thrown’ sh&t against the wall here and hoping it’ll stick! Lol

Take a listen and see for yourself. If you enjoy it, please feel free to share with friends.

Thanks for sticking around 🙂


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Black Magic Woman by Fleetwood Mac


Update On Fundraising For “Soul”

Soul-CoverArt- Davidson Yeager  copyDavidson Yeager

HI Everyone,

Hope you’re all doing well!
Just touching base with you to give you an update on fundraising for my CD.

We managed to raise $900! Thank you 🙂

Even though my original goal was 2k,
I’m super happy with the results though. Why?

Because I’ve been able to get “commercial quality” recordings done on my own at home (no easy task!) — this enables me to keep the costs low.


First Official Release

Since it’s my first official release, I simply want to get the record sounding great and get it “out there.”

I’d love to have all the bells and whistles such as live musicians in a really cool studio somewhere with a really cool record producer and money for a publicist, etc. Who wouldn’t?

And I could quite possible raise more money with the correct approach and reach that 2k. But I don’t think I’d finish the record! I’ve learned that fundraising is a job in and of itself. Touring/performing and recording are probably best done separately. Fundraising requires it’s very own focus.

I’ll look to do more of that with my next recording when I’ve got a stronger foundation built. We’ll see what the Quantum Universe has in store for the seeds I’m busy planting 🙂


 5 Songs Not 6…

I have made one tweak — and that is the EP will have
5 songs instead of 6.

After speaking to some industry people, it makes more sense. Many people release EP’s with only 3 songs nowadays.

3 songs are completed, 2 on the way.

I’ve already paid for the final 2 to be mastered and polished by my man in LA with money from the fundraising. I hope to book a session drummer as well.

I should then have enough left to get the CD’s and artwork manufactured. If I’m lucky, perhaps even a decent little video production for one of the songs to promote on YouTube. You’ll help me by sharing it with friends when the time comes, won’t you?



BONUS: If you know my wife Mary, the artwork is courtesy of her! It’s one of her paintings that hangs on the wall in my studio 🙂
See it at the top of the page.

Wishing you guys all a great week — thank you for your coolness!