Intuitive Readings. What To Expect And Pricing.

I currently offer 15 minute and 30 minutes Intuitive Readings over the phone. Gain insight and perspective to help you work with your issue.

15 minute Intuitive Reading $30 USD:

30 minute Intuitive Reading $60 USD:

  Once you purchase your reading, I’ll email you back within 24 – 48 hours. Sometimes sooner if I’m less busy. Then we’ll work on setting up an appointment for our call.

Please Read This Before You Purchase An Intuitive Reading

I want you to know what to expect when you purchase an Intuitive Reading from me. 1) I’m a caring and compassionate person. I’m not judgemental. I’ve heard it all. I’ve been there. 2) My intention with doing readings is to help you see your situation more clearly. And for you to feel better about yourself and your life situation. 3) I like to use Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards as a tool to help me, although they aren’t always necessary. If you wish, you can request me to send you a picture of the spread. 4) Life is NOT carved in stone. There is often not one set answer for your question. This is because it’s up to you and how you respond to your life and the choices you make moving forward. 5) The reading is meant to help you clarify and understand the pros and cons of your choices. Messages will often come through. Sometimes they don’t. Why? Because some things we are simply not meant to know. We have to live through these experiences. However, the reading will give you tools and perspectives to support you with going through whatever it is you are going through. 6) Often there are patterns and subconscious beliefs in place that limit us. These can take a lot of focused work to uproot and change. It’s up to you to do the work. 7) Nobody is going to save you! You need to choose yourself. 8) The reading is a map. You can use it to confirm things you already know and to connect with your own Guidance. 9) Quite often we are in denial. That’s why we’re blocked and we feel like we need a reading. Our intuition is screaming at us and we don’t hear it. That is why I aks you to approach the reading with an open mind. 10) This doesn’t mean you absolutley have to believe what I say! Please think for yourself. But at least consider things honestly and objectively as best you can. 11) I may suggest a healing modality. These are only suggestions, but they can definitely help. 12) Know that if you currently want something you cannot seem to have, you are not being punished. You are not a “bad” person. You don’t have bad karma. Sometimes rejection is God’s protection. 13) Give yourself time for the reading. Do your best to be in a receptive state. Schedule 10 or 15 minutes after the reading to reflect and process the information. Write things down if that works for you. 14) Sometimes what I say might not make sense to you right now. But it may make sense down the road. 15) I’m a human being just like you. We all have intuitive abilities. I’ve been working with and honing my skills consciously for many years. I’ve also been leading a certain “spiritual” lifestyle that supports my ability to be present and aware. By receiving readings and witnessing your own life, your own intuition will begin to develop.   If you have any other questions about an Intuitive Reading with me, please feel free to email me at Wishing you radiant health, success, much love, abundance and prosperity! Davidson