Inner Alchemy

Learn How To Let Go Of Negative Feelings and Discover Presence

I facilitate a simple but very powerful "letting go" process with clients one on one or with small groups. Scroll below for my rates. If you require rates for a small group, please contact me.


Call it shadow work, call it soul retrieval — this is the work that really matters. I call it “letting go” or Inner Alchemy.

We all know that we are often busy getting in our own way. Feelings like sadness, frustration and doubt are frequent visitors -- especially when things aren't necessarily going the way we'd like.

Or we're working towards something we want. And then fear, doubt and discouragement rear their ugly heads. We feel stuck and overwhelmed. But the truth is, the less attached to the outcome we are, the more energy we actually have to take action on the goal. We have more personal power to influence our life in positive ways. And we have more fun to boot!


Ahmed Nadim Father, engineer. Toronto, Canada

Davidson's ability to listen, process and respond is unparalleled. His style is simple yet so powerful and loving. 

Eliminate Stress and Increase Joy 

Everybody's talking about unconditional love as being the answer. And they're right. But even when we intellectually agree with this, we're confronted with situations that we believe we just cannot accept. Even worse, we sometimes try to force ourselves to behave with "loving kindness" and compassion but just end up sweeping our true feelings under the carpet.

Letting go of these feelings, beliefs and limitations is a specialty of mine. I've been passionately exploring this personally since 1997 and am now available to facilitate others with learning how to let go and experience their own "I-am-ness" in a more direct way.

What you'll discover as you let go, is that Joy is already there beneath the layers of conditioned feelings and reactions. And as you respond to life from Joy or Freedom, the results seem to magically smooth over. And even if you don't get what you want, it no longer has the power to rob you of your basic happiness.

I use some techniques from The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin along with my own deep insights and style of communicating "the peace that passes all understanding." My approach has been shaped by a passionate exploration of both western and eastern mysteries that has spanned several decades -- as well as living life and getting my "hands dirty."


30 Minute Session - $75.

60 Minute Session - $120.

3 Prepaid 45 Minute Sessions - $180.

12 Prepaid 45 Minute Sessions (best value) - $1100.

Note: Services offered here should never be substituted for medical or mental health care. If you have issues requiring medical attention or a therapist, please see your local health care professional. No refunds will be offered for services rendered. All appointments can only be confirmed by payment through PayPal or E-Transfer and must be received 24-48 hours prior to the appointment.

Ahmed Nadim

Father, engineer. Toronto, Canada

Davidson's ability to listen, process and respond is unparalleled. His style is simple yet so powerful and loving. Working with Davidson has helped me truly understand that everything we experience from thoughts, emotions, sensation, memories and objects are only known because they appear in awareness, or else we wouldn't be able to know them or experience them. The art of letting go and the techniques Davidson teaches have really helped me with un-shedding layers of conditioning that leads to obscuring our awareness leading us to live life from a reactionary position based on conditions as opposed to truly being open to what is. If you are looking to start understanding the root of all our suffering and realizing the true nature of our being then you have come across the right person"

Linda H.

Spiritual Seeker, Chicago, USA

When I first started my work with Dave, I was a mess, my mind racing at all times, so depressed I cried everyday. After working with Dave, his teachings and meditations taught me a  whole new way of putting things into perspective,  a whole new way to be aware of everything and why. I no longer cry everyday and can better understand and accept myself for who I am. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege to have been enlightened by such a wonderful teacher. 

Sincerely,  Linda 

Angela Stoyanovitch

  In my first session with Dave,  we ended up talking about my intimate/romantic relationship with my soulmate which resulted in some really vulnerable emotions for me.

I chose to tell him a bit about the situation and immediately, without judgement, he started to ask me to let it go! I already felt resistance thinking - this is too soon - I want to hold on to it...But then you realize how silly your anger or frustrations are!! 

Dave intuitively customized the questions by digging deeper and deeper into my subconscious and limiting beliefs. I felt releases and actually started to giggle!

I will continue to dig deeper into the “Letting Go” method Dave is helping me with and share it with others! I’m grateful to him for introducing me to this ancient concept that can be applied in today’s culture -- thanks to his willingness and ability to make it accessible. Don’t wait. Let go, now. I pray this testimonial helps someone who was in my same position.

Alex Levy

Spiritual Teacher and Intuition Expert

You're such an inspiring and amazing teacher!