Life Is Not Happening To You

As I write this, we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re all self-isolating and it’s having a huge impact on our lives in many ways.

1) We’re questioning what life means and what’s truly important.

Although the full extent of this virus is still not yet known, it’s pointing out the fact that our human life is fragile. Many of us go through our days in our comfort zones never questioning anything deeply.

Of course this will pass. It’s a crisis but it’s going to pass. My tarot readings have suggested that it will pass relatively quickly — perhaps in June or July — (please don’t take this as being carved in stone) but the world as we knew it will be changed forever. Potentially for the better.  But it's up to us and how we choose to respond.

Note: Timelines are one of the trickiest things to be certain of with a tarot reading. Also, when I say it will pass, I want to be clear that I'm referring to the lockdown in general. I hope I'm right! We'll see what happens. The impact on the world will create lasting change in many ways.

It’s kind of like divorce. Very messy and uncomfortable during the process of separating two lives that were intertwined. But once done, a sense of peace, freedom and a new and better way of life opens up. 

2) Social distancing is influencing mental health.

As humans we’re very social beings. With that connection cut-off drastically, we’re forced to find new ways to connect. We’ve had social media online for a while now, but does it cut the mustard?

Perhaps we’re realizing the value of being present for those who are in our lives. Perhaps we’ll begin to see how our lives are connected on so many levels. This is true despite your cognitive biases, your cultural customs, race/ethnicity or sexual orientation.

3) It's not that money is bad. It's not that money is good.

Many businesses have had to either shut down or find a way to operate online without going under. Some people’s jobs are on hold and others have even been laid off.

Most of us have a strange relationship with money. We have a love/hate relationship with it. We give our power away to it.

It’s not that money is bad. It’s not that money is good. 

Money is a symbol of energy exchange. It represents the Law of Exchange. An equilibrium on the cosmic scale. In the relative human world, it represents how much we value something we need or want.

Are we willing to sacrifice a certain amount in order to get something we want or need? 

Money is neutral in and of itself. It only has the value we give it. And it is actually a high spiritual principle as outlined above.

But like religion, in the human mind it can become distorted. Sometimes people use it to control and manipulate. Other times people allow themselves to be controlled and manipulated by money.

Perhaps we’ll discover a healthier relationship with money.

Life Doesn’t Happen To You

I don’t mean in the sense of denying that it’s happening. Because it is. At least in this state of the “waking dream.”

By waking dream, I mean we have dreams at night which can only exist because of our consciousness. Our existence. Sages and Mystics have been saying the same thing for millennia about our waking life. It’s dream like. 

We usually assume that we are a specific body with a name. And life happens to us. 

When we get caught in this mind trap, we need to defend and protect ourselves against everything. Anything can be a potential threat.

But just like a night time dream — does your consciousness arise from your body? Or does your body appear within your consciousness?

Check for yourself: 

If you answered that it arises from your body and the brain, could you be open to the possibility that your answer is a memorized concept that you learned somewhere? Somewhere in the past. 

Is it actually your direct experience here and now? Could you put your cognitive biases aside for just a few seconds?

Without going into memory, what’s actually here right now? Are you the content (sounds, images, sensations)? Or the space-like formless awareness that the content appears in?

How is it that you can see your body? It seems as though your eyes are located in your head and that is where you are looking “out” from.

And this is true in a relative sense. 

But if your eyes are part of your body (if you believe that your body is the source of your consciousness) then how can your eyes see your own body?

Pause. Reflect.

This may be a little advanced for some of you. That's because it's non-conceptual -- but we need to use concepts to point the way. This is the oldest and deepest spiritual teaching on this planet.

Believing that you are spiritual beingness and not your body is one thing. But having the direct experience for yourself is another.

Here’s another way to look at it (no pun intended). Notice how you can’t see your head? Does that mean you’re headless? 

Of course not. You can check in a mirror to verify.

But it does show that what you are is NOT an object. You cannot be found with your physical senses. Because YOU are the one by which your senses exist.

And when I say “you”, I don’t mean “Davidson Yeager” or “Nicole MacDonald” or “John Smith.”

I mean the silent field that allows for all the content that you experience. 

That Which Changes and The Changeless

If you’ve been on this planet long enough, you’ll notice things are constantly changing. Every moment something happens.

You can’t predict it. Even if it’s a simple basic thing like getting a text from someone. You could not have predicted exactly when that was going to happen. And probably not even from who. 

Or a fly comes into your room. You could not have known that was going to happen. Or you get an itch suddenly. How could you have known a few seconds ago? Or suddenly an idea pops into your head to go do something…

But notice… all of these simple events occur within a spacious awareness. Without space and silence, how could sound even be perceived?

Without a changeless background screen how could any images possibly be seen? Consider the hands on a watch or clock. Without the changeless background you would have no way of knowing the hands were moving.

Deep Knowing and The Pandemic

It’s easy to resist this coronavirus pandemic. We want it to end. We want life to get back to the way it was.

And yes, it will pass. This too shall pass.

But actually, it’s much more challenging to resist this virus pandemic. Why? Because the ego is built and sustained on resistance. Resistance uses up a tremendous amount of energy.

The ego is an image of who we imagine ourselves to be based upon our identification with our bodies and our memories. 

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If You Believe that You’re an Isolated Fragment Floating Around the Universe...

The ego is an image of who we imagine ourselves to be based upon our identification with our bodies and our memories.

If you believe that you’re an isolated fragment floating around the universe, you’re going to be very frightened.

But if you can be open at least to the possibility that you are the One Life beyond all forms — That by which all forms exist — your fear will subside.

Instead of resisting Life, you’ll begin to realize that you ARE Life. And all of this is your projection. It’s happening within Consciousness. By the way, this does NOT mean that your ego/personality can control Life. Ego is built on resistance, remember?

This doesn’t mean you have to like it. 

But when you experience your own Being as not being separate at a deeper level, you are no longer going to feel so threatened.

It’s no longer something outside of yourself. You’ll feel a sense of the eternal dimension within you.

You’ll still need to practice social distancing, stock up on food and wash your hands for 20 seconds on the surface of life — hopefully along with such beneficial practices as proper sleep, exercise and meditation or contemplation.

But you’ll be touching that deeper dimension of Being within yourself. And then you’ll see that not only are you the silent witnessing Presence of the world — but also that the world is you.

Ultimately there is only One Life with no second. 

Yes, there a billions (actually beyond counting) and even more "streams" of individual consciousness. But all apparent individuality and diversity comes from Oneness and ultimately flows back into that Oneness.

No! You don’t dissolve into nothingness! This is NOT nihilism. That sense of “I am” or the felt sense that I exist — that awareness that is here now — IS that Oneness.

This felt sense of "I am" remains forever the same but continues to expand.

You always have been. You always are. And you always will be. 

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