Phone/Video Chat Readings With David

Phone, What’s App or Skype sessions are the best way to get detailed and specific information regarding your life situation.

With Skype audio you have the option to have your reading recorded and downloaded for your convenience.

You can ask as many clarifying questions as you wish within the time frame of your reading. 

If you’d like, you can read a few testimonials from clients.

All readings are strictly confidential.

Phone or What’s App or Skype video chat readings can be scheduled from 24 to 72 hours after purchase.

All sales for readings are final. Prices are in USD.

Payment is required in advance for scheduling an appointment.

To schedule an appointment, scroll down and click the “buy now” button of your choice. You will be directed to a page of my schedule and will be able to book your appointment online.

About My Readings:

I’m a very skilled and experienced tarot card reader in the European predictive tradition. I’m also highly intuitive and use any “hits” I receive to bring any other information to light.  However, my system is that if it doesn’t align with the cards, it’s probably not accurate. The cards always hold the structure of the reading.

The outcomes are not carved in stone. It’s about looking at the energy surrounding the situation and explaining the best way for you to navigate the situation moving forward. We will discuss any choices that may be involved and what the potential consequences of those choices might be.  

I generally prefer you not to tell me anything at the beginning of the reading so that I don’t have any preconceived ideas. I want to see what the cards are telling me first. I will then start to ask you questions so that we can take the reading deeper — and find out more about the situations or people I’m reading in the cards.

15 minute phone reading/coaching – $40. Specific Questions or Follow Ups


30 minute phone reading/coaching – $75. Specific Questions or Follow Ups

60 minute phone reading/coaching – $120. Using “Life Spread” good for 6 to 12 months.

90 minute phone reading/coaching – $180.

Note: Services offered here should never be substituted for medical care. If you have issues requiring medical attention, please see your local health care professional. No refunds will be offered for services rendered. All appointments can only be confirmed by payment through PayPal, credit card or e-transfer and must be received prior to the appointment.


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