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 Jan. 31, 2017: To celebrate the release of my brand new single “Butterfly,” you can get my CD “Hey Mary Hey” for USD$10 (this includes shipping).


New! Limited Edition CD “Hey Mary Hey” by Davidson Yeager

  • rich soulful vocals
  • cool and tasteful guitar playing
  • great lyrics and stories
  • exciting and dynamic song arrangements
  • the album is dedicated to my wife and soulmate, Mary

“Davidson, your music is so f*&%$ good — wow!!”

Sarah Redux, California

“WOw!!  I have listened to your CD so many times I think it won’t be
long before I wear it out.”

Sandra Isabelle, Florida

“Awesome! Really great! Takes me back to 1979. I love it!”

Rebecca Shropshire, Toronto

“Thank you. I got my CD today and am enjoying it as we speak!!! Great vocals, great songs!!”

Cynthia Sanderson, Scarborough

Here’s What You Get For Only $10

  • exciting new music to explore.
  • the CD is embossed with original artwork (an oil painting by my wife Mary)
  • all enclosed in a gorgeous and artistic CD wallet — a beautiful package to keep forever!
  • taxes and shipping anywhere in the world included!


If you give it a whirl and after 30 Days still don’t enjoy my music, I will refund your money.

Davidson Yeager
Me and Mary

I’m really proud of this batch of new songs. They are straight from my heart and soul. I worked really hard on them along with some very talented people.

I believe that if you’re a fan of love songs with meaning, cool guitar playing, poetic and soulful vocals — all blending with a slight retro flavour, you’ll love my music! I call it “hypnotic chill rock for mystics and dreamers!”

“Absolutely fantastic!! We were listening to it with our kids on the weekend. Really great, Davidson!”

Greg Boyd, East York

“I’m so impressed with your songs. The lyrics really take me on a journey. Love the singing on it and the guitar playing is so cool!”

Ron LaCourse, Scarborough

So what are you waiting for? Get this beautiful CD shipped right to your door. 

“Love your songs! Not only that, but I always thought I didn’t really appreciate live music — then when I saw your concert it totally changed my mind! Your live performance sounded like something that should be on a recording!”

Greg Beale,Toronto

“Great CD! I absolutely love it. I love your voice — and the beats in WonderWoman…wow!!”

Ann Elizabeth,Cleveland

“Your music needs to be heard. Your songs are wonderful — they really take me away. They make me want to dance!”

Gail, Toronto