Tarot Readings. Can They Help You?

In a nutshell, tarot readings are like a map. But the journey still has to be made! When I do a reading, I do my best to help you understand what choices are available and where they may lead — but it’s still up to you to make the journey. 

Creating your life is like a chess game. As soon as you move one piece in a certain way, the outcome changes.

Does This Mean Tarot Readings Don’t Tell The Future?

No. An intuitive reader using tarot cards will get messages about potential futures. BUT as I said above, it depends upon choices that YOU must make. 

You have an issue that you just can’t seem to break free of. It could be anything, but whatever it is, you’re at your wits end.

You look up “tarot card reading” or something similar, and you land on this page.

You may already be somewhat experienced with getting tarot readings and your curiosity was intrigued by the title of this article.

Perhaps you’ve never had a reading, but you want to find out more before you take the plunge.

What I want to do is to explain what a tarot card reading is and how it can help you.

So, What Does The Future Have In Store?

We all want to know what the future has in store for us — especially in the areas of love and relationship, business and career, wealth and abundance, health and wellness.

Sometimes we reach “forks in the road” in life and we need to make a choice. And our lists of pros and cons just don’t seem to measure up to the task!

We may have hit a brick wall and are wondering how to approach the situation in order to yield the best results.

Wanting some insight to these types of scenarios is completely normal and healthy!

Note:  One of the biggest obstacles to creating a more abundant and prosperous future is the past. Our minds are very heavily conditioned by our past and it can be challenging to believe that we are able to create something new and different. More on this later in the article…

Intuition Is Only Right 100% Of The Time

I believe this with all my heart. However, the tricky part lies in discerning our intuitive voice from the one in our head.

It can be VERY tricky at times — which is where a system of divination such as tarot cards can be so helpful.

However, even people who are adept at tarot readings for others often struggle with being objective when it comes to reading for themselves.

That’s where a tarot card reading from someone you feel a professional rapport and trust with can be very helpful.

A word of caution. If you get too many readings too close together with the same question, the answer will start to get muddled leaving you even more confused.

It’s a good idea to give a little space to allow things to unfold before getting another reading.

What A Tarot Reading Is…

A tarot reading is a symbolic picture story of what is going on in your life situation — both on the surface AND in the deeper, hidden recesses of your soul/psyche.

The tarot cards essentially represent universal and mythical archetypes that influence our lives.

They often show how the past is influencing your present, and what the most likely outcome would be if you continue with the same actions and patterns.

The reading will also often suggest what changes or tweaks in attitudes or behaviour will lead to a shift and a more beneficial outcome.

When someone is experienced with tarot readings, the images on the cards and the meanings associated with them will trigger intuitive responses. These are beyond any traditional meaning the cards may have.

The tarot cards also influence and combine with each other in various ways, depending upon where they are placed.


This Is Where Tarot Readings Can Get Tricky

And also why I’ve written this article. So that no matter where you go (if you go) for a tarot reading, you’ll be prepared to get the most value and personal growth out of it.

Like I said above, by the time someone decides to get a reading, the pressure with a certain issue has reached a high point.

Something in their life is “stuck” or blocked. The outer situations of our lives are a mirror of what’s going on within us. “As above, so below” is the ancient maxim.

This means that many readings could be about changing a pattern or belief that you may hold dear.

This is all with your highest good in mind.

When you are able to let go of a certain pattern (or attach to a healthier pattern), things will start to get better.

HOWEVER, these outmoded patterns always have a built in defense mechanism.

We all want to drive on both sides of the road.

We don’t want to give something up (even though it no longer serves) in order to get what will give us more real happiness and true abundance.

Another term for this is denial.

It’s not always about shifting, though! Tarot readings can also give us a feeling of security when we’re worried and that all is well.

 A Good Tarot Reader

A good reader will not only have a deep and intuitive understanding of what the cards are saying in the reading, but he/she will also be able to skillfully communicate with you in order to help you break through any denial( these are the blockages) you may have.

This must be done in a kind, gentle and non-judgemental manner. Yet firm enough to make an impression on you so that a shift can occur.

You are the one who has to make the change. You can’t change if you aren’t willing to change. And a good reader will never insist upon you changing if you’re not ready.

They will probably suggest that you take a longer look at whatever is holding you back. But the decision is always up to you.

Once a shift happens within you, you’ll start to see it reflected around you in your life. 

Nothing Is Carved In Stone

The future is being created by you right now! This is the part that should excite you about getting a tarot reading!

The reading is pointing out to you how you can move forward right NOW, in order to create your best future.

The NOW moment is where the future is created. Where else could it be created?

Yes, the past has some momentum. But if you are serious, you can decide to change your life.

Depending how deep the ruts and grooves are, it can be a bit like turning a large ship around — but it is entirely possible! Countless are the numbers of people who have done so throughout human history. And I am definitely one of them — which is why I’m passionate about powerful tools that can help us shift and heal.

This is not magic. At least not the Harry Potter kind. But it IS magic. Real magic. The kind that can bend your reality to go in a different direction. 

Tarot Cards And The Law of Attraction

This could be an article in itself. And it probably will be at some point.

A tarot card reading is meant to have you feeling empowered about your ability to co create a more desirable future.

In my own experience with tarot and my own life, sometimes the future turns out in a wonderful way — but it wasn’t what I thought I (my ego) wanted at the time.

But just as we work on Life in order to create our best outcomes, Life works on us in order to change us in ways that actually serve our highest good.

In Summary

Tarot readings can empower you to chart your course in a way that results in the best possible outcome for your future. 

It will help you gain insights into situations and to realize your ability to create the future.


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