Spiritual Teacher, Tarot Reader and Intuitive


The root of our suffering is the unexamined belief that we are somehow separate from The All. I’m here to support your seeing through the mind and it’s stories to the love and peace that are always available.

I facilitate a very simple but extremely powerful process that supports you in letting go of painful feelings. The ones that keep you stuck. They could be resentments from the past, insecurities, unhealthy habits, believing you don’t deserve, frustration with work, anger at those you love and so forth.

A spiritual practice should lead you to a more fulfilling and rich experience of life as well as greater creativity and abundance. 

I can’t say that I’m saying anything new. But hopefully the way I say it and the energy behind the words will reach the Truth inside your heart. Read about my spiritual journey…



Ahmed Nadim

Father, Engineer. Toronto, Canada

Davidson’s ability to listen, process and respond is unparalleled. His style is simple -- yet so powerful and loving. The art of letting go and the techniques Davidson teaches have really helped me. If you are looking to understand the root of all your suffering and realize the true nature of your being then you have come across the right person.”

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Teaching

I also use tarot and oracle cards to do intuitive readings. I find the cards to be a useful mirror for many people to find the wisdom within themselves. It also provides a map that can awaken confidence with moving forward. Along with this, I facilitate a letting go process that dissolves uncomfortable feelings, resentment, low self-worth, and troublesome patterns.” 

Click here for more info on intuitive readings.

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