Tarot Reader & Mystic

Sometimes life changes and the rules you learned don’t work anymore.
Maybe you have a strong desire to connect with more meaning and purpose.
Perhaps you simply want to confirm that you're on track.

Whatever your reason, I can help. A tarot reading with me will support you with clarity, fresh perspective and renewed hope.

Be heard by a compassionate and non-judgemental listener:

  • complicated love situations 
  • divorce & breakups 
  • career changes 
  • finding life purpose 

Since 2006 I’ve helped thousands of people to move forward with clarity and strength. Read some testimonials.

What sets this site apart from typical spiritual/self-help blogs are these 3 fundamental principles:

Anyone Can Do It

You don't need a PhD or have a famous Guru in order to undergo profound transformation. Everything you need is already within you.

Happiness Is A Choice

Simple tools and powerful perspectives that free you from your "habitual self." This leads to new actions and results.

Your Past Does Not Define You

Learn to stop wanting to change the past and open to the infinite possibilities that are here and now.

A good place to start is my Spiritual Growth Hub Page

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Dave Yeager: pronounced "yay-grr" 

About Davidson Yeager

Even in childhood it seems I had the passion and curiosity to wonder about the deeper questions in life. This led to a lifelong investigation of mysticism, personal growth and spiritual awakening while pursuing a living as a musician.

I never thought I'd do this work in a public way. The Universe & my Holy Daimon dragged me through a LOT of resistance at first. But I shed some skin and here I am!

Read the longer "about" version.

They Say

Ahmed Nadim

Father, engineer - Toronto, Canada

" Working with Davidson has helped me understand that everything we experience from thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories and objects are only known because they appear in awareness -- otherwise we wouldn't be able to know them or experience them. His style is simple yet so powerful and loving."

Meredith Eckherdt

Higher Self Wellness Expert

" David's methods of bringing conscious awareness into everyday life has supported me immensely in my journey. Not only has this awareness helped me with everyday situations, but it has given me the tools to work through issues from the past that I've held onto for far too long. I'm so thankful to have worked with David."

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