About Davidson Yeager

about davidson yeager

This is my chance to let you understand the person behind this business. I’m a husband and homebody, musician, tarot and oracle card “nerd.”

I’ve always loved the big and deep questions about life. I’m also really into fitness. I was a pretty good athlete all the way through high school.

Through following my heart and pursuing my passion through thick and thin, I’m now in a place where I want to share my hard earned wisdom.

This “About Me” is kind of long since I don’t hold much back. Let’s go!


About Me Personally

I’m a husband. I wasn’t always. For a long time I was searching for my soulmate. Mary is my inspiration and we are a team.

Being able to spend time together is a big part of what drives me. We’ve both been through a lot to get to where we are now. That’s probably why we appreciate our opportunity to give and receive love so much.

I’ve been aware of a “formless Presence” and Mystery to life every since I can remember.

In childhood I had many “spiritual experiences” and “psychic/intuitive experiences,” powerful synchronicities and effortless manifestations. I also used to enjoy deeply pondering the concept of infinity — after my dad gave me a brief overview of what the word meant.

As a teen I can recall contemplating “who” or “what” was observing the thinker inside my head. And wondering who I truly was.

As we all know, becoming an adult with reponsibilities and a “need to achieve something” in the world can be a somewhat confusing and bewildering experience.

We experience sex, getting our hearts broken, our hopes and dreams (illusions?) dashed, etc.

In other words, welcome to the world!

Overcoming Addictions

Despite my connection to spiritual awareness, after I got divorced at the age of 28, I spiralled down into alcohol and drugs (mainly marijauna) for a 6 year period. I was playing in a rock band and my compulsive behaviour was really a way that I was looking to escape the world and find Spirit. In hindsight I now realize it was an aversion to dealing with the world. Although it was essentially a very dark time in my life overall, I now see that there were some bright spots where the sun peeked through. 

One morning I found myself on my knees praying passionately and tearfully for help. I knew I could no longere continue to live my life this way.

I was guided to the local library where I researched addictions.

I realized I was an alcoholic and needed help. Most of the literature seemed to be unanimous in it’s praise of AA, so that same evening I was at my first 12 step meeting.

I got a sponsor and diligently worked my way through the 12 steps. I continued going to meetings daily (and sometimes twice daily) for about 6 months. Then I felt a strong intuitive message to stop attending meetings and continue on my own spiritual journey.

I was a bit nervous about taking any chances with my new found sobriety, but I trusted my intuition, my connection to it and my intentions.

I have now been effortlessly and joyously clean and sober since December 1997. 

Awakening Experiences

Sobriety was a major spiritual awakening (and integration) and I have been using spiritual practice and surrender as a means for navigating my life since that day. There are many other challenges that I have had that having some spiritual equanimity have helped me to overcome.

And I have had many awakenings and insights since. Some more profound, some more subtle. 

In my experience, daily life and relationships (if consciously engaged) give us opportunities to apply our spiritual practice. Better to consciously learn and grow in the Truth of what we are than to continue reinforcing our egoic and negative tendencies.

Understanding this intellectually is relatively easy enough to do, but it’s also a great place to start (along with perhaps a dash of self imposed suffering) — but we need to want to practice making it a part of our living experience. It takes a great deal of commitment and dedication ( hence the “dash” of suffering’s usefulness). 

And some areas of our lives will be more resistant than others to healing depending on your triggers and conditioning.

Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Teaching

I want to share what I have discovered as a way to help others. I know I wish I’d have had someone like my current “self” to talk to back in the day. And I’m very grateful for the helpful hands I did encounter. I offer intuitive tarot card readings and will also be offering one-on-one coaching in “dynamic surrender” beginning in the spring of 2019. Find out more.

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