Hi, I'm Davidson Yeager

I’m a spiritual teacher and tarot reader. I help clients with long standing issues or current challenges that are keeping them stuck and frustrated.

Perhaps you’re in a complicated love affair where you feel a strong connection. But for various reasons, the age old question of should you stay or should you go is fighting in your heart.

Maybe you’re thinking about transitioning to a new career or you want to start working for yourself.

A divorce or separation is a very challenging experience for most people. Maybe you need some guidance in a reading as you navigate those changes. 

Instead of a tarot reading, you may prefer to work on clearing the patterns that hold you back with letting go sessions.

How To Let Go?

Everyone talks about letting go. But HOW do you do it? I offer tried and true methods that make letting go a real possibility.

Divination Not Fortune Telling

In Divination the reader connects with a deeper level of reality in order to “see” underlying movements of the past. Potential “futures” revealed may be influenced to various degrees by the questioner depending upon their actions/attitudes.

Here are a few things about me:

  • I got hit with some tough and sudden challenges at the age of 28 and by the time I was 34, my life had spiralled out of control with alcohol. 
  • I was in tears on my knees praying for help and found myself at an AA meeting that evening. I have not touched alcohol (or drugs) since which is more than 2 decades ago.
  • I stopped going to AA meetings 6 months after beginning the program as I had an intuitive knowing to follow my own spiritual path.
  • At that time it mostly consisted of meditation as well as doing my work in the world. I was a musician at that time both teaching and performing.

  • I started using tarot cards in the year 2000 as a way to help me learn to discern my intuition from my own desires.
  • I started reading professionally in 2006 and have now read thousands of clients helping them through difficult love relationships, breakups, divorce and career questions.
  •  I had always been attracted to the insight that our mind can be an ally or our worst enemy.
  • Other than meditating a couple of times daily, I was reading books like The Power of Now. I was fortunate enough to have come across this gem of a book in 1998.
  • However, in 2005 I came across something called The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin. I started purchasing many of their programs and courses and practiced letting go every day.
  • In 2019 they offered a Facilitator Training program and I completed the training.
  • This is where I get many of the approaches I use in my Letting Go sessions although I definitely also use my own hard won insights and intuitive understanding when I work with clients.

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Letting Go Can Be Your New Super Power. 

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