Hi, I'm Davidson Yeager

On this website I share powerful perspectives and tools that support you in being able to choose happiness no matter what’s going on around you.

How To Let Go?

Everyone talks about letting go. But HOW do you do it? I offer tried and true methods that make letting go a real possibility.

No Quick Shortcuts

In this world everyone wants a quick and easy win. A “growth hack.” This is a sure path to failure. Here, we focus on doing real work that leads to your own insights and realizations.

Discover Your Self

Whether you’re already a believer or not, discover for yourself that you are infinite and eternal Beingness.

This is not something the conditioned mind can ever touch — only YOU can experience it for yourself.

Here are a few things about me:

  • I ran away from home at 17. I was homeless for a while until I found a basic job as a janitor in a fitness club. Fast forward a few years and after lots of "learning things the hard way", I went on to put myself through music college - while working in restaurant and cafeteria kitchens - and graduated at the top of my class. (I’ve been a musician since childhood). I then worked for many years earning a living as a gigging musician and guitar teacher.
  • At 28 (an important marker in astrology called Saturn return) I lost “everything.” I went through a divorce, lost most of my possessions, and eventually had to declare bankruptcy.
  • Between 1991 and 1997 I went through an extended and very dark night of the soul. Serious alcoholism manifested itself along with a dependency on drugs. I was performing in rock bands and really played the part. I often felt depressed and apathetic when something exciting wasn’t happening.
  • Christmas time 1997 I was in tears and praying on my knees for help. The next thing I knew I was at the local library reading about addiction. That night I was at my first AA meeting. I’ve been effortlessly clean and sober ever since.
  • I went to AA meetings daily for 6 months, did all 12 Steps with my sponsor, but then felt an inner shift to go on my own path. That’s ultimately what eventually led to my becoming a “spiritual teacher” and creating this website.

The reason I share all of this is to make it clear that real change is possible. Anyone can do it if they really want to. And it’s not just about stopping obvious addictions such as alcohol. 

It’s more about the subtle ones. The same negative thoughts and feelings that come up everyday.

I suppose I’ve experienced what many call “enlightenment.” To some people that’s a pretty bold statement. And different people have different meanings assigned to the word “enlightenment.”

Let me clarify: I certainly don’t consider myself to be "special" — like a bodhisattva or avatar or anything like that. I don’t really care about that stuff. You know, so and so is more enlightened, my religion is better than yours, my dad can beat your dad, etc. To me, it's just another way to hold myself back. 

I'm not saying I don't believe in higher beings, angels, etc. I certainly do. And you will definitely find "woo" here on the site.

I’m simply at a place where things that used to irritate me, create fear, dis-couragement, anger or resentment no longer have the power to run my life.

Often, they don’t even come up. And when they do, I know with 100% certainty that I can let them go.

Many negative feelings and thoughts that arise in the moment are able to be released on the spot. 

And yes, sometimes they are “stickier.” I may need to look within and examine the cause. But I’ve had enough experience with this in my life now — through many tough challenges — to know that if I’m not letting go of a negative reaction it’s only because I don’t want to. Learn more about inner alchemy and letting go services here.

What Is Davidson Yeager About?

I’m all about supporting and facilitating conscious spiritual growth. The kind that actually leads to more inner joy and aliveness. More lightness of being. More creativity, patience and inner peace.

Ultimately, it’s about eliminating fear. Letting go. Lots of people talk about these things. But this website is about the HOW.

Here are a few posts that can give you a good idea of what this site offers you:

The purpose of this blog post is twofold. 1) To share a

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun LawThe other day on I saw

In this post you’ll learn some highly effective but simple to use

Being A Spiritual Teacher…How Did This Happen To Me? 

You know how you read about a lot of these spiritual teacher types who were just an average “joe” or “jane” and one day the heavens just opened up? 

They saw Heavenly Hosts and the sky shook and they were never the same again.

Or, they went to India and lived on an ashram and sat at the foot of a famous guru. Then they came back to civilization and completed their PhD in something or other.

Well, I'm just me. An individual, temporal and dynamic expression of The All -- just as you are. When I say I'm a spiritual teacher it has the same basic meaning as when I say I'm a guitar teacher. 

I'm here to point out the potential for wisdom and truth that is yours by birthright. I cannot do it for you anymore than I can play the guitar for a guitar student. 

Teen Runaway

I can’t say that the heavens opened up to me when I ran away from home at age 17. I've also never been to India nor am I an academic. But I do know that I felt an intense longing to follow my own path and not that of my family.

It wasn’t that I didn’t love my family. I did very much. But my dad was very strict in an old school way  — which looking back was actually kind of a good thing — although at that time it put us at loggerheads with each other.

He loved me very much and only wanted the best for me. The trouble was, at that time he wasn’t able to hear what I wanted for myself. Or probably he just didn't think I had very good ideas. He was probably right in a lot of ways. But I had to start my process of untangling who I was from my family upbringing.

So I ran away from home. Perhaps there were better ways I could’ve dealt with it. I just didn’t know any.

Note: Through the intense work I did on myself, my relationship with my parents was healed big time. My father was actually extremely proud of me and we would enjoy talking, joking, laughing and hugging when we were together. Here's a tribute song for my dad I wrote when he passed in 2018.

The Lessons Begin...

The following few years were pretty intense. I lived on the streets and stayed at homeless shelters for a few weeks before a wonderful married couple from the Salvation Army offered to take me in.

I then got my first job as a janitor working the midnight shift in a health club. I had a string of jobs. I worked as an apprentice in a printing shop (real printing presses back then, folks), and then found a job as a prep cook in some restaurant kitchens.

J. Krishnamurti, Astrology and Talks

When I was 18, I encountered a “mentor” who was an astrologer. He recommended I read Alan Watts and J. Krishnamurti.

I fell in love with Krishnamurti’s teachings! Even though I probably didn’t understand everything that I was reading, I could FEEL what was being said and it resonated deeply within.

I carried his book “The Awakening of Intelligence” with me everywhere. I had some friends who used to come hang out with me and I turned them on to Krishnamurti’s teachings.

We would gather and discuss his teachings and they looked to me to lead these talks. I've grown through my own experiences and working with other teachings since then, and many of my understandings have also changed. But at that pre-internet time, being exposed to teachings like his really blew my mind.

I also began to study astrology. I had an ephemeris (a book with the planetary motions) and tried working things out by hand. It's a little easier these days with all the software available!

But I learned a fair amount about human behaviour and started paying attention to people through the lens of astrology.

I'm A Rock Musician

I’d been a musician my whole life. My mother was also a very good musician, as was my grandfather and a couple of uncles.

I decided that I could earn a living as a musician. I found out that the best way to have all the time in the world to learn and practice was to go to college as a music major.

By this time I was married. We were young — in our early twenties. Perhaps too young. 

I went to the audition and got accepted. 4 years later I graduated at the top of my class and even won  a prestigious award while I was there. Shortly after graduation I was "blind-sided" by a divorce -- although looking back, I could have seen it coming. I just didn't want to at the time. Lesson learned.

Divorce, Alcoholism, Bankruptcy and Saturn

It seemed as if my world fell apart in one fell swoop. I was going to a gig out of town with my band but it got cancelled.

Note: This type of experience is represented in Tarot by The Tower card.

I came back home and the woman who was my wife at that time told me she no longer wanted to be married.

She gave me a couple of weeks to move out. We had been living in her parents house on a separate floor. It was hard because I was pretty close with her parents too.

I could have titled this section “sex, drugs and rock n’ roll...”

Because that’s what the next 6 years of my life were. I played in rock bands in the clubs, worked in a kitchen by day and taught guitar at a music store in the evenings.

I was making ok money but I was partying and spending it as quickly as I made it.

It eventually got so bad I had no choice but to declare personal bankruptcy.

Finally Meeting My Soulmate

Me with the love of my life.

I’d always felt that I had a soulmate or “twin soul” in my life. I first met Mary in my neighborhood new age bookstore in 1999. 

We were just casual acquaintances saying “hello” on the street. But then one day I bumped into her again at a local health food store. It was New Year’s Eve Dec. 31 2005.

A few weeks later sparks flew and we’ve been together ever since. I have learned so much from my relationship with her. You can read more about how we met on this page.

Tarot Readings

I’m also a very experienced Tarot reader/practitioner. Sometimes you’re going through a more acute crisis in your life — and you want some clarity about the situation.

Sometimes you would simply like some guidance.

This is not fortune telling. 

You could say it’s a “weather forecast” that can help you see the patterns within and around you more accurately. It can assist in making you more aware of certain themes in your life.

Tarot card symbols can definitely help the conscious mind organize itself — especially when it is confused or overwhelmed.

My intention as a reader is to make you more conscious about what’s happening — so that you can make better decisions as you navigate the terrain.

Learn more about Tarot Readings here.

Where It All Comes Together

Astrologically speaking, with Uranus in my 11th house ( the natural ruler of the 11th house) I’m naturally wired to want to make a change in the world.

That’s the ultimate purpose of this website. See the manifesto here.

If I can work with a few people and help facilitate some release of suffering and an increase in conscious awareness, then that’s enough to inspire me.

I know that they will go out and put less negativity into their relationships with other people. That’s what I truly believe will change this world for the better. Not some political system or ideology.

The system is only as good as the individuals who make up the society. It’s like a musical instrument. It will only sound as good as the musician playing it.

More conscious and loving, wise individuals will be what make this world a better place for all of us. If I can play even a small part in that, I feel good.

Bits And Pieces...

  • Davidson is my given name but I also go by Dave or David.

  • I’ve been blessed to have found my “soulmate/twin flame” and I am so grateful to be sharing my life with her.

  • I love reading, studying, contemplating and taking walks. I’m also a bit of a fitness buff and have been doing my “stretching and breathing” along with some kind of strength training for many years.

A pretty simple life, really. 

Letting Go Can Be Your New Super Power. 

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