Hi, I'm Davidson Yeager

I’m a tarot reader and mystic philosopher. I help people with long standing issues and challenges that are keeping them stuck. Oh yeah - Davidson is my given name, but just call me Dave!

Since 2006 I've read thousands of clients in the areas of love, career, life purpose and more.

How Can I Help?

Perhaps you’re in a complicated love affair where you feel a strong connection. But for various reasons, the age old question of should you stay or should you go is fighting in your heart.

Maybe you’re thinking about transitioning to a new career or you want to start working for yourself.

A divorce or separation is a very challenging experience for most people. Maybe you need some guidance in a reading as you navigate those changes. 

Instead of a tarot reading, you may prefer to work on clearing the patterns that hold you back with letting go sessions.

Tarot and Divination

In Tarot divination the reader connects with a deeper level of reality in order to “see” underlying movements of the past. Potential “futures” revealed may be influenced to various degrees by the questioner depending upon their actions/attitudes.

How To Let Go?

Everyone talks about letting go. But HOW do you do it? I offer tried and true methods from the Sedona Method and self-inquiry that make letting go a real possibility.

Here are a few things about me:

  • I got hit with some tough and sudden challenges at the age of 28 and my life began to spiral out of control with alcohol. This darkness went on until age 34 just before Christmas.
  • On that day in 1997, I was in tears and on my knees praying for help. I found myself at an AA meeting that evening. I have not touched alcohol (or drugs) since.
  • I stopped going to AA meetings 6 months after beginning the program as I had an intuitive knowing to follow my own spiritual path. This was 1997.
  • At that time my "path" mostly consisted of daily meditation as well as doing my work in the world. I was a musician at that time both teaching and performing.

  • I started using tarot cards in the year 2000 as a way to help me learn to discern my intuition from my own misguided desires.
  • I started reading tarot professionally in 2006 and have now read thousands of clients helping them through difficult love relationships, breakups, divorce and career questions.
  •  I had always been attracted to the insight that our mind can be an ally or our worst enemy.
  • Other than meditating a couple of times daily, I was reading books like The Power of Now. I was fortunate enough to have come across this gem of a book in 1998.
  • I was also practicing/doing my best to own my own "stuff." The first book/teaching I came across that pointed me in this direction (other than my original 12 Steps process from AA) was Handbook To Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes Jr.
  • In 2005 I came across something called The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin. I started purchasing many of their programs and courses and practiced letting go every day.
  • In 2019 they offered a Facilitator Training program and I completed the training.
  • Although this is one of the tools I use in my "Let Go" sessions, I also use my own hard won insights, intuitive understanding and Presence when working with clients.
  • Over the past 40 years I've studied Hermeticism, esoteric Christianity, Buddhism, Yoga, Advaita Vedanta and astrology as part of my learning curriculum. I'm also a reiki master.
  • I don't belong to any particular religion or sect other than the "perennial philosophy." 

Check out my Spiritual Growth hub page to read about spiritual growth for busy people!

Even More Background Information (for those who are interested)

  • I’ve been spiritually inclined since I can remember. Psychic and unusual experiences  were normal for me in childhood and teen years. I wasn’t brought up in any kind of religious environment, but my mother sang in her church as a young girl.
  • My father never really discussed religion in either a positive or negative light. But he introduced me to the concept of Infinity when I was about 7 to 8. I would spend time contemplating what this could be and explored its possible meaning in my imagination.
  • He also gave me the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach at age 9 or 10. Although I didn’t fully understand everything in the story then, I'm grateful for having been exposed to it. I love to read and was very advanced in that department in school.
  • I was a very good athlete growing up. I participated in many sports doing quite well. But the sports I really excelled in were hockey (Canadian, eh!) and track & field. 
  • As much as my dad and I loved each other, we were always butting heads. He had a very firm idea of what he wanted me to be and do - a doctor. He always said because you can help people. 
  • His tough love approach was partially due to his military training as an officer and long range navigator in the Canadian Armed Forces. He did search and rescue and flew on many diplomatic missions.

My dad

  • Of course I rebelled. Although my dad’s discipline and control was overdone in some ways, it didn’t take me long to realize he was coming from love. I forgave him decades ago and we were on excellent terms when he transitioned from this world in 2018.
  • Around the age of 15/16 I started to drift from sports and my schoolwork (I was always a good student and actually advanced with reading and writing) and I started to smoke pot, cigarettes and drink beer with friends.
  • I also joined a rock band with friends at this time. We performed a few gigs including at our high school. We even recorded some of our own songs in a recording studio. 
  • Another friend and I also co-wrote a song and won a local talent show (Applefest!) which was pretty cool at the time.
  • I’ve been involved with music my whole life in some way. My mother, grandfather and some uncles were very good musicians too.
  • At 17 I ran away from home to the big city. Then I went to Mexico and back. I worked at various jobs. 
  • At 19 and 20 I experimented with psychedelics (LSD and magic mushrooms)for a brief time. 2 or 3 times a year I'd get together with friends for this. I was always the guide for other friends if they got scared. This was because no matter how “high” I was, I could always switch gears if necessary and be completely sober to calm and reassure them. 
  • I stopped exploring psychedelics at age 20 because I came to the conclusion there was no true spiritual value there for me. It was like a short cut that wasn't being earned. My nervous system just isn't cut out for that. I'm already able to perceive astral worlds as it is - so I need meditation and physical exercise!
  • At age 22, after many adventures and jobs, I decided to get more committed with my life.
  • I had a steady girlfriend at the time whose parents were strict Roman Catholic - so we figured we’d get married. I was 23 at the wedding. 
  • At that time, there were still well paying “studio musician” gigs available in my city. I thought if I went to school for music, I could be a studio guitar player.
  • I auditioned and was accepted into one of Canada’s top music schools. I was lucky to get a couple of grants that helped me out because my family wasn’t supportive of my decision to be a musician. I’m a hard worker by nature (genX!) so I always had a job in the summers while attending school. 
  • I worked much harder than I ever had (in school) and graduated at the top of my class. 
  • I was playing in various club rock bands throughout this time in school - and also got hired to do some paid gigs. 
  • Not too long after graduation, my marriage rather abruptly ended. I still had lots to do when it came to applying my spiritual insights to any real transformation. I had lots to learn/unlearn. So it caught me by complete surprise.
  • This was when I was 28. Saturn return. I entered a very dark night of the soul. I was playing in indie rock bands during this period and my lifestyle included way too much overindulgence-escapism. This chapter went on for 6 years until I was 34.
  • Back to the top where I was on my knees praying. Although I've been through some ordeals and intense challenges since, my life has steadily improved, my soul is continuing to blossom, and the Divine is filling me with more bliss and understanding.

Visit my  Spiritual Growth hub page to read some deep shit that will inspire!

I live in Canada with my wife and best friend, Mary. She's also a tarot reader and psychic/intuitive. We have 2 cats who basically run the show. Visit Mary at her website.

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