signs of spiritual awakening
Spiritual Teachings

 Think You Might Be Awakening Spiritually? Here Are 10 Signs

Tarot Cards from The Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne What many people don’t realize about spiritual awakening is that it’s not necessarily full of dramatic signs from the heavens or dazzling visions. That’s not to say that strange things don’t happen. They do.  Many people think spiritual development has something to do with magical and psychic powers

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tarot images that show suffering in life
Spiritual Teachings

Why Is There Pain And Suffering In Life? Here Are 6 Reasons

Gilded Tarot by Ciro MarchettiWhy is there pain and suffering in life? At some point, most people will ask this question. It’s one of the “big questions” about life that truly matter. And depending upon their conclusions, it will influence their fundamental approach to life.   Some people think to themselves that if there were a loving

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Resurrect Your Heart by Davidson Yeager
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Resurrect Your Heart – Behind The Scenes

The purpose of this blog post is twofold. 1) To share a bit of the “behind the scenes” for my song Resurrect Your Heart. By the way, this song is dedicated to anyone who’s ever experienced heartbreak. That’s pretty much everyone, I think. 2) To inspire you with your creative projects and maybe share a few

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Are tarot readings nonsense?
Tarot and Divination

Is Tarot Reading Nonsense?

Shadowscapes Tarot Deck by Stephanie Pui-Mun LawThe other day on I saw a post on social media by a teacher of spirituality. She used to use oracle cards and some tarot cards to support her intuition.  Now she says she no longer feels that she wants to use them and even suggested that they may be

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let go and surrender
Spiritual Teachings

How To Let Go Of Control and Gain Peace of Mind

 In this post you’ll learn some highly effective but simple to use techniques to help you let go of control. I start the article by helping you understand how wanting to control works and where it comes from.  I’ll discuss some perspectives that will show you how trying to control things is actually counterproductive and never

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Positive Thinking

The Problem With Positive Thinking

What? How could there possibly be a problem with positive thinking? Aren’t we supposed to use positive thinking to improve our lives and reach our goals? But first, what exactly IS positive thinking?Ok, What Is Positive Thinking?If we are feeling afraid, discouraged or the like, we might tell ourselves “I need to be more positive.”

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