Positive Thinking

The Problem With Positive Thinking

What? How could there possibly be a problem with positive thinking? Aren’t we supposed to use positive thinking to improve our lives and reach our goals? But first, what exactly IS positive thinking? Ok, What Is Positive Thinking? If we are feeling afraid, discouraged or the like, we might tell ourselves “I need to be … Read more

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Spiritual Teachings

Is There A Deeper Purpose To Life?

If you’re steeped in the prevailing materialistic mainstream paradigm — as we all are — you’re told that the purpose to life is to get a job so you can buy stuff. Add to that procreation for the purpose of reproduction. After that, we’re told it’s about the pursuit of pleasure. Whatever pleasure means to you. … Read more

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Learning The Art of Surrender And Non-Resistance

Learning the art of surrender comes up a lot in my work with others through facilitating letting go or tarot readings. People often ask me how to surrender. They see and understand the importance of it, but they just don’t know how… Learning the art of surrender will transform your life. To the everyday mind, it seems that … Read more

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Twin Flames: The Dark Side and Dangers

Words like twin flames often cause unecessary confusion. Although I don’t disagree with what the word is describing in principle, the problem is that many people get addicted to a romantic ideal. This usually brings more suffering into their lives. Now, suffering CAN be very useful. When we get fed up with suffering is when … Read more

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Life Is Not A Journey

This post was inspired by the title of a well known talk by Alan Watts. I’ve linked to the video at the end of this article. We are often unhappy. And if we’re not noticeably unhappy, we have a constant nagging dissatisfaction within us. We have many ways to distract ourselves from these uncomfortable feelings. … Read more

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Davidson Yeager
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My Father Passed From This Earth

Tribute Song For My Dad My father passed on Monday, October 15, 2018 at 7:30 pm. It was devastating. It was devastating partly because he was still very healthy and vital at 87. We had all just spent the day together laughing and enjoying each other’s company a week prior for Canadian Thanksgiving. So it was … Read more

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