Learn Tarot In One Hour For Free?

Obviously Tarot is not something that you can master in one hour! But my Tarot 101 Crash Course will get you up and running in no time AND it's Free!  

Tarot Deck: Gilded Royale by Ciro Marchetti

Learn The Raw Basics of Tarot Quickly

  • This Beginners to Tarot "crash course" is presented in a simple and easy to follow format.
  • You'll be able to start reading cards for yourself AND have an excellent foundation from which to build further Tarot knowledge.
  • There are 2 chapters and 7 lessons total. 5 of the lessons are short videos that you can watch in under 20 minutes. Also included are some PDF downloads and even a quiz to help you retain what you've learned. 

Robin Wood Tarot Deck

Tarot 101 Crash Course

There is WAY MORE to learning Tarot than what is presented in my Free Beginners Tarot Crash Course. But what you’ll find here is all you need to get started with reading for yourself, family and friends - and if you decide you want to learn more about Tarot you’ll have a rock solid foundation to build upon.

Maybe you’re facing a tough decision and all the “rational” approaches you’ve tried haven’t yielded the results you’re hoping for. Tarot will help you see fresh perspectives and blind spots!

You know that your intuition somehow has some helpful guidance for you - but how do you know when it’s your intuition and not the same old thought patterns?

Tarot is one of the best ways to develop your ability to tell the difference between intuitive nudges and what your ego is demanding.

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Important Disclaimer: This course is NOT a substitute for the in-depth training, study and practice of tarot that is required to become a professional reader. It's a "quick start" for beginners who would like to learn some basics about tarot in a short period of time.