Tarot for Divination, Personal Growth and Spiritual Insight

I'm thrilled to be sharing my knowledge and experience with tarot! This is my own approach - which although well grounded in tradition, has been learned through the unique lens of my own life and experience as a reader.

Tarot has this amazing ability to connect with many other disciplines in the western esoteric tradition. It connects with astrology, alchemy, qabalah, numerology, mythology and magic(k) in all forms.

It can be used for divination/prediction, meditation and reflection. It can be used for learning new skills or mindsets that may be necessary in an upcoming challenge or situation. 

Get started right now and read some of my popular Tarot articles here.

Get Unstuck

Use Tarot to see from new perpectives and start  breaking up log jams and old patterns.

   Are You On Track?

Use Tarot to give you confirmation of what strengths are working as well as any “potholes” to be aware of.

"Know Thyself"

Use Tarot as a tool for a deep understanding of yourself and the forces that are in you and all around you.

The Amazing Mirror of Life: The Tarot

To “know thyself” requires great wisdom. And Tarot is one of the most powerful and accessible tools you can use to understand more about yourself and your life situations.

But even such an amazing tool as tarot is only as effective as the person using it.

Ultimately, there are no mistakes. There’s only movement and balance. Tension and release. And of course, the Stillness-Beingness without which the content and movement could not be perceived.

Using tarot will teach you all of this and more if you’re open to it.

My Approach To Tarot

As a lifelong student of tarot, I’m grateful to share my perspectives on the deeper side of tarot. You’ll find my ideas from my practice and studies in the articles below.

As I write this I don’t think I’ll be posting articles about spreads or basic meanings. I’ve already done that in my tarot courses and teaching. 

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be sharing my approach to reading tarot cards. Because I will! But it will be more on my philosophy and how I do certain things. It won’t be another  “encyclopedia” of keyword meanings and spreads.

Here, I want to get you to think more deeply about what Tarot means! How it’s a mirror not only for your own life, but Life as we experience it as humans.

Learn Tarot

My approach to tarot is layered. As a predictive reader I’m here to help you gain clarity and insight about your situation so you can move forward with courage and inspiration.

As a teacher, I’m here to support you with getting a solid foundation in the fundamentals as quickly as possible. From there, you can develop your own style.

Even if you don’t think you could learn tarot (you can - it’s not as difficult as you think!) I have a FREE COURSE here that you can finish in about 30 minutes.

It won’t make you a pro reader, but it will give you a better understanding of the amazing mysteries and wisdom revealed through Tarot! 

Chomping at the bit and ready for the next step and really want to learn to read Tarot “off-book” once and for all? My wife Mary and I have created an online course called Tarot Energies (this will open in a new tab on your browser).

Tarot Articles and Deep Thoughts

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