Let Go

Learn How To Let Go Of Negative Feelings and Discover Presence

I facilitate a simple but very powerful "letting go" process with clients 1:1 or with small groups. Scroll below for my rates. If you require rates for a small group, please contact me.

We all know that we are often busy getting in our own way. Feelings like sadness, frustration and doubt are frequent visitors -- especially when we're facing challenges.

Or perhaps we're working towards something we want. A goal. And then fear, doubt and discouragement rear their ugly heads. We feel stuck and overwhelmed. But the truth is, the less attached to the outcome we are, the more energy we actually have to take effective action on the goal.

As you probably know, emotions and hidden conflicting drives play a huge role in our behaviour - so most of us have challenges when it comes to detaching from outcomes.

This is where Let.It.Go. sessions come in. 


Ahmed Nadim Father, engineer. Toronto, Canada

Davidson's ability to listen, process and respond is unparalleled. His style is simple yet so powerful and loving. 

In Let.It.Go. Sessions You Will...

  • effortlessly eliminate stress and increase joy
  • uncover and release blocks that go counter to your authentic desires
  • dissolve long standing resentments 
  • increase emotional intelligence 
  • fast track spiritual and personal growth
  • unleash creativity and authentic courage to pursue your goals
  • no meditation cushion or complex rituals required! Just a willingness to transform.


30 Minute Session - $100

60 Minute Session - $175

3 Prepaid 45 Minute Sessions - $375

12 Prepaid 45 Minute Sessions (best value) - $1,250

Note: Services offered here should never be substituted for medical or mental health care. If you have issues requiring medical attention or a therapist, please see your local health care professional. No refunds will be offered for services rendered. All appointments can only be confirmed by payment through PayPal or E-Transfer and must be received 24-48 hours prior to the appointment.