Phone/Video Chat Tarot Readings

Note: If you prefer email readings, you can purchase them here.

Phone, What’s App or Skype sessions are the best way to get detailed and specific information regarding your life situation. 

This is because the best tarot readings happen when both the seeker and the Tarot practitioner are able to dialogue with the symbols in the cards while accessing expanded states of consciousness.

You can also ask as many clarifying questions as you wish within the time frame of your reading.

All tarot readings are strictly confidential.

Video chat or phone readings can be scheduled after purchase (usually within 24 to 72 hours depending upon the queue).

All sales for readings are final. Prices are in USD.

Payment is required in advance for scheduling an appointment.

To Schedule an Appointment

Scroll down and click the “Buy Now” button of your choice. You will be directed to my scheduling app and will be able to book your appointment online.

Sara Paynter

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your reading and detailed answer to my question. Everything you said resonated so perfectly with me and gave me so much peace both instantly and more gradually as time has passed. It has helped me to surrender and be more at peace with myself, the situation and each present moment. I truly appreciate your help and thank you again for sharing your gift with me.

About My Tarot Readings:

I invoke Divine Intelligence in order to give you the clearest guidance around your questions.

Love and relationship issues, career and money, conflicts at work, health concerns, what your soul’s life purpose is (dharma), what the outlook for a new project or idea looks like, etc.

The readings are not carved in stone! It’s about looking at the energy currently surrounding the situation and explaining the messages coming through. We will discuss any choices that may be involved and what the potential consequences of those choices might be.

Remember you have free will as to how you will work with any of the situations in your life.

I generally prefer you not to tell me anything at the beginning of the reading so that I don’t have any preconceived ideas. I want to see what the cards are telling me first. I will then start to ask you questions so that we can take the reading deeper — and find out more about the situations I’m reading in the cards. 

15 Minutes

For a pressing question or a quick follow up. 

           30 Minutes

           We can go into some more detail with this reading. 

 60 Minutes

This reading covers the “Life Spread” plus any additional follow up questions as time allows. The Life Spread is a general reading covering love, home, work and potential outcome as well as what’s going on at a soul level. It’s usually good for the next 2 to 6 months depending upon your situation.

90 Minutes

This reading includes the “Life Spread” along with any additional follow up questions PLUS some Inner Alchemy work and guided meditation as time allows.

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