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I was in real need of guidance, I had cried for 2 days in a row, and David's reading really helped me to find my peace and ground myself. He's very meticulous when it comes to asking the right questions so you leave with the answers you were looking for. I now feel like a million bucks!

Thank you David for being of help. You have a beautiful gift.

Carlos Mariano @callmecarlucho

When I first started my work with Dave, I was a mess, my mind racing at all times, so depressed I cried everyday. After working with Dave, his teachings and meditations taught me a  whole new way of putting things into perspective,  a whole new way to be aware of everything and why. I no longer cry everyday and can better understand and accept myself for who I am. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege to have been enlightened by such a wonderful teacher. 

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Spiritual seeker, Chicago, Illinois

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