Spiritual Awakening In Today's World

Spiritual awakening is not accomplished as much by learning more information as it is by letting go.  Learn powerful techniques and perspectives that support you in dissolving your identification with old patterns and limiting beliefs - that only keep you stuck.

Why Bother With Spiritual Perspectives?

You've got an endless "to do" list and bills to pay! I get it. But your daily life is the BEST spiritual teacher ever. This isn't about escaping your responsibilities. This is about bringing new awareness to your engagement with life.

End Fear, Isolation and Self Doubt

Go beyond the limiting beliefs that sabotage your happiness and take more effective action toward your goals as a result.

Increased Ability To Be Present For Your Life

Learn powerful, time tested techniques and perspectives that cut through the mental noise and confusion like a hot knife through butter. 

Inner Peace and Freedom

Learn how to access the unshakable inner peace and freedom that is always available here and now.

Letting Go and Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is often confused with learning more information. Reading some books and getting some basic understanding is a good place to start. However, the real key is letting go. Letting go of what? Letting go of identifying with thoughts, feelings, concepts and emotional reactions. 

Spiritual Awakening For Today's World

In today’s world many people have turned away from traditional religion because it no longer satisfies their thirst to know and understand Reality. On the other hand, we live in an era of “scientific materialism” where any sense of deeper meaning to Life is essentially scrubbed clean. The new priests are wearing white labcoats…

For many, the scientific dogma we are inundated with is enough. Especially when they are simply trying to do their best to survive and make it through the day. Questions of a deeper meaning beyond working and earning money to survive and get stuff in order to work and earn money to survive in order to get more stuff are ignored by the vast majority.

Note: I’m not saying there are no benefits to scientific understanding here! Please do not think this. I’m simply saying that science is designed to examine fragments of material reality and not the Totality. We have all benefited in many ways from science. But it's still only looking at the objective side of life - that which can be perceived by the senses. Who or what is perceiving via the senses? Where does Intelligence come from in the first place? It didn't just simply appear out of the blue.

 Many Are Having Spontaneous Spiritual Experiences and Don't Know What They Are Or How To Proceed.

These types of experiences are subjective and can be hard to explain -- even to yourself! They often happen in the midst of ordinary daily activities without warning or preparation of any kind. 

There's a real opportunity for transformation when this happens. But once it's over, the rational mind tends to come back in and eclipse any brilliant intuitive understandings that may have been revealed.


This is where suffering comes in. As humans, we usually won’t change until we’re forced to. There are many reasons for this depending upon how you look at it. The point is, suffering comes along and says “this pain is here to wake you up. You can choose to look deeper into the roots of what is causing this suffering, or you can resist it and become even more miserable and unhappy.”

Unless we know who we are beyond our thinking minds, we are ruled by our random thoughts and reactions. This means that no matter how many improvements we make to our circumsances in life, we are still vulnerable to suffering and unhappiness.

I offer many perspectives and techniques that are simple yet powerful ways of cutting your attachment to suffering and your thought based sense of identity. Try this: next time you feel upset in any way, notice how there’s a part of you that actually wants to feel upset.

Perennial Wisdom

The perspectives I offer here do not belong to me. They have been around for millenia in all cultures clothed in religion, folk tales, myth and some philosophies. What I’m doing here is presenting these deep insights in a way that is accessible to anyone regardless of your background or current belief system.

Any dogma or assumption is stripped away so that you can generate your own insights. Because that’s what is necessary in order to go beyond your conditioned perspectives and to become free of your mind. A belief simply won’t hold up under intense pressure. You need to have your own experience of the Unlimited and Formless Essence of Love at the kernel of your being. You need to know this for yourself.

Are You Ready To Let Go and Have More Freedom?

If you’re fed up with the same ways of trying to do things — including understanding spiritual growth from only a theoretical side — then this website has the content and guidance for you.

There is theory here, but it’s written to support your understanding. You’ll also get practical suggestions to try certain techniques and perspectives that will help you in letting go of painful feelings. These techniques are simple but very powerful to use — as long as you are sincere in your quest for freedom.

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