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Here's some of the best content I've published to help you find new insights and to persevere with your spiritual growth.

Crush Negativity

There are times when negative feelings and attitudes feel like they are crushing us under their weight. And it’s easy to look around and point our fingers as to why. But what if there’s a way to turn it around and crush negativity instead? 

Spiritual Awakening

It’s easy to think that this world is simply a "what you see is what you get" plane of experience. But you've had a few uncanny experiences that would say otherwise; and you’ve got a nagging gut feeling that there’s much more to life than what conventional thought tells us.

The Ego

 Ah, the good old ego. Without it, we couldn’t function in the world of form. But when it runs the show, we are dysfunctional in the world of form. Getting rid of it is not the answer as this would be going backwards toward an infantile state. So, how do we transcend this image we have of ourselves?

Manifesting & Abundance

Possibly the most popular of “woo-woo” topics is this idea that we can create from setting an intention. And even though the evidence supporting this is very subjective, there’s so much of it that it cannot be ignored. But it’s not as easy as a genie in a bottle. Creating abundance is actually a spiritual path in it’s own right. 

3 Easy Steps To Let Go of Fear, Doubt & Worry

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Spiritual Growth: Why Even Bother In A Material World?

You’re busy enough as it is already. You could be busy with school, working to pay the bills or raising a family. You might be thinking about changing jobs, or perhaps your career is winding down.

The common denominator here is that you’re seeking a deeper meaning to it all. 

Because you know there’s more to life. You’ve even dabbled in a few things. But who’s got time to meditate for hours or take long retreats? 

In my opinion and experience, as important as meditation has been in my own spiritual growth, it doesn’t need to take hours. And I’ve never even been to India or gone on a retreat. 

Not to say these experiences can’t be life changing for some; I’m only saying that they aren’t necessary. The approach we use here, is to use our life circumstances themselves to grow spiritually.

This takes a willingness to face your life as it is. Can you handle being honest with yourself? Are you truly willing to surrender wanting to control everything and trust your Beingness? Your I Am-ness?

This is the golden key. There’s a lot of self-help out there these days; and most of it’s based upon behavioural psychology. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good thing…to a point.

It’s definitely served humanity’s awakening, and helped to raise awareness for mental health.

But there’s an elephant in the room that’s missing. The soul. The formless Absolute that has no beginning and no end. The Infinite. The Divine. That which was never born and never dies.

To me, that’s why so many are struggling with emotional health. Somewhere inside themselves they’re asking, “what’s the point of it all?”

A lot of self-help books are missing this spiritual foundation of Life. Even when the word “transcendent” is discussed in mainstream psychology, or the term “spiritual” is used, these words don’t really point at anything deep or meaningful.

In most mainstream psychology, spirituality is looked upon as being a person's personal philosophy about life. The formless Ground of Being is not acknowledged in this secular world. Consciousness is not real, and dies when the body dies.

But the whole point of spiritual understanding, is that something within us survives the death of the physical body. That’s what makes it spiritual!

On the other hand, there’s a lot of spiritual information out there that isn’t very practical. Some spiritual approaches require a huge commitment of time and energy. Other methods involve a lot of rituals, physical tools and complexity; this is fine for some, but if you’re here, it probably doesn’t work for you. It’s not sustainable.

Some spiritual growth content I see out there is purely entertainment. Even if it’s cool and good to know about, many people are only using it as just another means of escape.

And let's face it; traditional religions don't offer the deep meaning or satisfy the hearts of many spiritual seekers. Many people intuit that they need to connect with Being-ness directly in order to heal the inner emptiness they feel. But this is no easy task in today's world with so many options available.

After over 40 years of investigating and passionately applying spiritual teachings and growth in my own life, I’ve distilled everything down to what works. I’m a practical mystic.

Disclaimer: I'm not a guru. I'm sharing what wisdom and Truth I have discovered as a result of my own investigation. Most of it resonates with what many have reported throughout the ages, but I have my own way of explaining things. So do what I did. Take what resonates with you for now, and test it in your own life. That's the only way to know for yourself.

Ultimately, spiritual growth is about finding a deep meaning and authentic connection with life. Having real and spontaneous experiences of your own eternal nature. And then being able to bring that peace and understanding to your relationships and circumstances.

Having this knowledge is true faith. It goes beyond any belief. And it sustains us when the going gets tough. 

Yes, on the horizontal time-space axis, we need to have goals to work towards in order to feel useful and positive. We need discipline and focus, etc. This is part and parcel of being a spiritual being having a human experience.

But without the realization of our eternal nature that exists beyond time and space, it’s going to feel empty. It's just a matter of time.

That new car smell wears off after a while.

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