1:1 Tarot Readings by Phone or Zoom

Gilded Tarot Royale by Ciro Marchetti

Transformation. Clarity. Inspiration.

Zoom (& FaceTime, etc.) or Phone Readings are the best way to get detailed and specific insights into your life situation. We are able to discuss things in real time so you can ask as many clarifying questions as you need within the time frame of the reading.

Love, breakups, career, business, purpose in life, spiritual path...it's all about you.

Sometimes the rules that worked for us in the past no longer seem to be working - or we just need some confirmation that we’re on the right track.

Other times, it’s a decision where a pros and cons list just doesn’t do any justice. Your heart and your mind are in a tug of war!

I’m here for you as a compassionate and understanding listener. I'll work with you to find solutions and peace of mind.

"Tarot is like a GPS that can shine light on the opportunities or blockages that might be revealed on your route."

Does a tarot reading reveal the future? Yes - BUT it’s a potential future. Nothing is carved in stone even though some wheels have already been set in motion. The “wildcard” of freewill is always available to you. You always have a way to influence the outcome for your good.

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  • Payment is required in advance to your booking an appointment.
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  • All tarot readings are strictly confidential.

DruidCraft Tarot by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm

 30 Minutes  $99

Love and relationships, business and career, life purpose or just a general check in, this reading has you covered.

You'll enter a sacred space where fresh perspective and inspiration are waiting to be revealed. Discover the energies that are currently influencing you along with the possibilities that are awaiting to unfold.

Want A Recording Of Your Reading? Having a recording to listen to in the days and weeks after the reading will support you in moving forward with confidence. It's an extra $15. Select this option during checkout if you want the recording.

Note: The recording delivered to you for download within 5-7 business days.

Can Tarot Help You?

Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

 60 Minutes  $177

This longer reading is ideal for complicated decisions and situations where you really want to make some space for yourself to unravel the knots.

It also gives you plenty of time to drill down to the nitty gritty with clarifying questions.

Want A Recording Of Your Reading? Having a recording to listen to in the days and weeks after the reading will support you in moving forward with confidence. It's an extra $15. Select this option during checkout if you want the recording.

Note: The recording delivered to you for download within 5-7 business days.

Kristin Harvey

Oh my goodness!!! This was amazing! I have had many different readings but this is exactly what I needed. It makes perfect sense…even if there are parts I’m not quite ready to face in this moment but its definitely a starting ground for me to start healing. it also really helped me understand why I have felt insane lately…almost like two different people. ego vs. true loving nature.



My Tarot Reading Process


We briefly introduce ourselves with a bit of small talk. This helps to open up the channels and create a sacred resonance-space for the reading.


We’ll discuss your intentions and question(s) for the reading. I can help you with phrasing your questions so we can get the best results.

I usually start off with a general card spread that gives an overview of your situation.


Although I do have psychic abilities & am very empathic, I use the tarot cards to set the foundation and structure of the reading. This is my main approach because the cards keep everything grounded and on track.

If any psychic messages are meant to come through, they will. Otherwise, the cards will reveal everything necessary.


Once I give you my interpretation of the general spread, we can open up some discussion. This will allow me to drill down deeper into your questions.

I'll then pull more tarot cards with smaller and tighter spreads that can focus in on details.


Once I’m looking into specifics for you, we’ll need to connect the messages coming through with your specific circumstances.

For example, the cards may show me a person with certain qualites. They are influencing your situation somehow. We will need to try and figure out who this person is.

You can ask the cards as many clarifying questions as time allows.


If we meet on Zoom, the reading is recorded and you can listen to it as often as you wish. This is not available for telephone or What’s App readings (technical stuff!)

I suggest listening to the tarot reading at least a few times over the days and weeks as there are usually many layers to digest and dots to connect.


I don’t send pictures of the cards (although many of the names come through in the recording). The reason is that tarot cards have a multi-layered meaning at the moment of your reading. This meaning connects to the moment, your question, your circumstances, placement in the spread, surrounding cards and any intuitive or psychic messages.

If you booked either with Zoom or a pre-recorded video tarot reading you'll see the cards anyways.

If you second guess things too much by looking into the cards out of context - even if you’re an experienced tarot reader yourself - you can set yourself up for confusion.