They Say...

David is fantastic!

He connected and reflected to the universe to answer all of my questions about my career goals. It perfectly makes sense to me. I got my confirmation about my career journey thanks to David. 

- Aref Tayyeba

I am blessed enough to have received a reading from Davidson for this upcoming year. His clear explanation of the process and the way he delivers his message is clear and uplifting while still being down to earth and practical. I would advise anyone to get a reading from him if you want to have clear, positive guidance. 

Thank you Davidson!

- Onareo

Thanks again, Dave. Your readings are always filled with ways to see a situation from different angles.

You have a great understanding and unique way of explaining the tarot. Each time, I get more tools for getting the most out of my life. Your readings cut out the “background noise” so I can focus on the next steps.

- Ida May - Alberta, Canada

David’s reading was so helpful and on point! I feel much better about my situation and can see things much more clearly. I highly recommend David’s services!

- Parul Prakash

I have wanted to understand and read the Tarot both for myself and professionally for a very long time.  I cannot express deeply enough how grateful I am to have Mary and Dave's course to guide me.  Their course helped my Tarot knowledge flourish in a way that I hadn't fully expected.  I am now a professional Tarot Reader and I am surprised everytime I get to say that!  As I navigate the waters of reading for the public they are always supportive and answer my questions, and I repeatedly refer back to their course as reference.  If you want to learn about the Tarot for yourself or read professionally, I highly recommend taking their course.  Thank you Dave and Mary so much, for the joy I have received from your knowledge and guidance.

- Meredith Eckerdt

Everyone should be aware of these techniques that David uses to facilitate letting go. I can’t believe it’s not more well known! I’m a nurse at a very busy hospital and I wish he could come and work with the staff here.  I was never able to meditate for more than a few minutes — but he’s guided me to a stillness and deep peace in every single session. I didn’t even try! Working with David has been an amazing experience.

- Kim Harders

I was in real need of guidance, I had cried for 2 days in a row, and David's reading really helped me to find my peace and ground myself. He's very meticulous when it comes to asking the right questions so you leave with the answers you were looking for. I now feel like a million bucks!

Thank you David for being of help. You have a beautiful gift.

- Carlos Mariano @callmecarlucho 

Davidson's ability to listen, process and respond is unparalleled. His style is simple yet so powerful and loving. Working with Davidson has helped me truly understand that everything we experience from thoughts, emotions, sensation, memories and objects are only known because they appear in awareness, or else we wouldn't be able to know them or experience them. The art of letting go and the techniques Davidson teaches have really helped me with un-shedding layers of conditioning that leads to obscuring our awareness leading us to live life from a reactionary position based on conditions as opposed to truly being open to what is. If you are looking to start understanding the root of all our suffering and realizing the true nature of our being then you have come across the right person"

-Ahmed Nadim- Father, Engineer

Thank you so much Dave .

I keep wondering every time that how every reading hits the right note  !!!

I am going through reading again and again as always to learn more and explore more 

Life is amazing ! ???

-rashmi Thakur

When I first started my work with Dave, I was a mess, my mind racing at all times, so depressed I cried everyday. After working with Dave, his teachings and meditations taught me a  whole new way of putting things into perspective,  a whole new way to be aware of everything and why. I no longer cry everyday and can better understand and accept myself for who I am. I am extremely grateful to have had the privilege to have been enlightened by such a wonderful teacher. 

Linda - Spiritual Seeker, Chicago, USa

In my first session with Dave,  we ended up talking about my intimate/romantic relationship with my soulmate which resulted in some really vulnerable emotions for me.

I chose to tell him a bit about the situation and immediately, without judgement, he started to ask me to let it go! I already felt resistance thinking - this is too soon - I want to hold on to it...But then you realize how silly your anger or frustrations are!! 

Dave intuitively customized the questions by digging deeper and deeper into my subconscious and limiting beliefs. I felt releases and actually started to giggle!

I will continue to dig deeper into the “Letting Go” method Dave is helping me with and share it with others! I’m grateful to him for introducing me to this ancient concept that can be applied in today’s culture -- thanks to his willingness and ability to make it accessible. Don’t wait. Let go, now. I pray this testimonial helps someone who was in my same position.

-angela stoyanovitch

I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your reading and detailed answer to my question. Everything you said resonated so perfectly with me and gave me so much peace both instantly and more gradually as time has passed. It has helped me to surrender and be more at peace with myself, the situation and each present moment. I truly appreciate your help and thank you again for sharing your gift with me.

-sara paynter

You're such an inspiring and amazing teacher!

-alex levy

The "Letting Go"  sessions with Davidson have been an absolute game changer for me.

I’ve been going through a separation as well as career changes and these sessions changed my life in a very big way.

In fact, a colleague noticed and asked me what had changed. I told him about Davidson’s Letting Go sessions. Highly recommend it!

-Robert Odum, Milwaukee,Wisconsin